The School is an novel that was published in 2005.The School is about new students learn about assasian's,But three students learn more when they encounter an monster in underground.


Brian and his wife Vera are seen running from the dark assasian Lord Reamstone.He kills Brian and Vera escapes with her baby Noel.Vera is killed when she defends Noel,And when Reamstone trys to kill Noel,He is killed instead and Noel is taken to Vera's sister Becca.

Noel,Now 11,Is unaware of his past.He is then given an letter sent to Marple High,An Assasian school.When on the train,He befriends Frank and they run into Joni.Joni asks them if they have seen her friend Jim's cat.They find him not befour encounting Garry,Who is cold to them.

They are led to the school with Tommy,Who tells Noel that he was friends with Brian and Vera.Noel asks who are they and Tommy explains.They learn that four houses Waston,Marple,Stone and Sythtone.Noel and Frank are sorted into Marple and so is Joni and Jim.

During one night,Noel and Frank fight with Garry.Joni finds them out and scolds them,But then teachers are seen coming.They hide and accidently set the elevator off.They are in underground,And an monster attacks them.They manage to escape and run to Marple.

During November,Frank makes an full of Joni,Who runs away crying.She is attacked by an giant cat,Which nearly kills her.Noel and Frank manage to save Joni and the cat trys to attack them even more.

They run and bump into Tommy.They are sent to detention with him along with Garry.An Giant then attacks them and Noel saves Frank and Garry.Tommy is dragged into the underground and all of them decide to save him except from Garry.

They find out that their defending teacher Mr.Frinstone is possessed by the remains off Reamstone.They follow him,And Joni and Noel fall into an trapdoor.Frak runs to get help,But he is attacked by Mrs.Norris,Frinstone's lover.

Noel and Joni are then attacked by the monster and manage to get through the trap door.They then find out that one of them has to suffer while the other enters the room.Joni decides but Noel tells her off and tells her that she should try and defaet Reamstone.

Meanwhile,Frank is found by Jim,Who tells him that Frank and Joni need help.Jim then trys to kill him,Revealing he was possessed by Reamstone and that Frinstone thinks he is possessed.

Frank then touches an twist turner,Which results him and Jim are in where Joni and Noel are in.Frank reveals what happened and Jim then takes off.Frank drinks the potion and the others run in.

Noel is surprized that Joni is pushed far away and knocked out.Noel tricks Jim and then manages to shake Reamstone out off Jim.They then escape when the underground is getting destroyed.They reveal this to headmaster William Kimbleton.At the end of the year,Noel reveals that he has regrets coming back next year,But Joni and Frank convince him that his next year will be an new start due to their odd year.It is revealed that Mrs.Norris and Mr.Frinstone were killed by the monster.


The School Twist Turner Reamstone's partner escapes,Resulting in Frank kidnapped.Noel and Joni use an twist turner which results in an unleash of monsters into the school.

The School The Rise Of The Snake An Lare Snake is unleashed,Making student's getting murdered while the trio try to stop it.

The School The Burning In the woods,Students seem to be disapearing,And then Joni and Tommy disapear,While Noel and Frank find out Reamstone has returned.

The School The Crashing When Reamstone's sister has control off the school,An couple of studnets are sent in an battle off survival in the court house.

The School Last Chance Noel,Frank and Joni battle the war and discover how to stop Reamstone.

The School The Sister Who Cried Frank's sister is possesed by Reamstone,Resulting the Trio kidnapped in an mansion while finding fellow students Zoey and Dean captured and tortured.

The School The Last Killing When The School is in fire and denial,Noel is against Reamstone while all the other students are running and defending themselve while Frank and Joni share an encounter in an chamber.

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