Friends. The Second Generation follows the friends children and how they all become friends.


Rachel and Rachel had Emma, Lily and Daniel. Emma wanted to become an teacher and her wish was granted, and had become friends with Erica. She is sharing an apartment with Harry.

Lily became the next Rachel and was interested in fashion. She fell in love with Mike Jr. and is sharing an apartment with Erica.

Daniel got Ross's intelligence and is an geologist. He is an hopeless romantic and is the next Joey with his love for food.

Monica and Chandler had twins Erica and Jack. They were surprised when Monica gave birth to twins Laura and Brian. Erica is an singer and shares an apartment with Laura.

Jack earned Chandler's sacarsim and Monica's cooking skills. He shares an apartment with Mike Jr.

Laura only earned her mother's looks and her fathers eyes, but is an co-worker of Emma. Laura is, like Daniel, an hopeless romantic.

Brian earned his mother's cooking skills, and is competing against Jack with the cooking. He is in love with Janet and works as head chef. Shares an apartment with Mike Jr.

Mike and Phoebe had children Summer, Frank, Vera, Mike Jr. and Sophie. Sophie earned her mother's intelligence, which is not very not good. She shares an apartment with Vera, as the two are quite close.

Mike Jr. earned his father's keyboarding skills and works in Blue Lagoon. Mike Jr. is in love with Emma, which Ross disaproves off. He share an apartment with Jack.

Vera earned both of her parent's skills, and is an co-worker with Emma and Laura. Vera is living in an apartment with Janet.

Frank and Summer moved to Carlifiona, and is such, only visit on several occasions. Summer is married and has two children, and Frank is an bisexual, and is looking for his soulmate.

Joey and Sarah have children Harry and Janet. Harry is an struggling actor and is super jealous of his father, who is famous. He shares an apartment with Emma.

Janet is an nurse who is dead bored of her job. She only earned her mother's looks, and is sick of men looking for sex rather than her presonality. She isn't sure if she is interested in Jack.

Now let the fun begin.

One, The Nurse Who Is BoredEdit

Janet woke up due to her alarm ringing. She got up from her bed, still tired. She hated her job, an nurse. She got up and silenced the alarm.

"Thank god it's friday", she muttered. She got out of the bedroom and saw Vera making breakfest. "Look who is up", she joked.

"I can't believe i have to go back to that hellhole", Janet replyed. She showered and changed to her nurse costume. She eat her eggs and bacon and said her goodbye to Vera.

Janet drove to the hospital and walked inside. She signed in and went to her patient, Alan Waker. "Hello, Mr. Waker", Janet said.

Alan looked at Janet, and then back at the white wall. Alan was never the same when he witnessed his wife's death. This was Janet's favorite patient, as he never bothered her.

Two hours later, Janet had finished cleaning Alan and walked to her next patient, Miss Brown. Nobody knew her first name, so everyone just called her Brown.

Janet opened the door and screamed. There was Brown, lying on the floor, dead. There was knife stabs everywhere and the blood was stained on her white clothes.

That night, Janet was asked questions and after answering, she was allowed out. She relised her phone had an text message. It was from Jack.

Meet me in Central Perk, 12 o'clock.

Two, Pregnancy In SchoolEdit

Emma sighed in furstration as student James Zeroni was disturbing the class, yet again. "Mr. Zeroni, sit down", Emma shouted.

James stuck the finger up at her and Emma roared at the boy and told him to get out. A couple of the students laughed. Emma was not in the mood for this today.

During Lunch, Emma and her cousin Laura and their friend Vera walked to Gregs for lunch. "I can't freaking believe he did that", was Laura's reply when Vera telled them about her day.

"I know", Emma said as she gave the woman the change. The woman gave her two dollars and the sausage roll. "Thanks", Emma walked out and waited on her friends.

After their food, Emma told them to go to their office for an second. "What is this about", Vera asked. "I need to tell you something", Emma told them.

"What", Vera asked. "I might be pregnant", there was silence in the room. "Who is the father", Laura asked. "Harry. We only did it once, but we agreed it was only one time", Emma looked down.

"WHAT", the three woman turned around. They saw Harry, who had droped his cheeseburger on the floor.

Three, Lily And The Clothes Of DoomEdit

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