The Six People is an friends fanfiction.The gang head to an cabin in the woods,And find out that evil is trying to kill them.They try to hide in the house,But when one runs to get help,All hell breaks loose.


Rachel,Ross,Monica,Chandler,Phoebe and Joey head to an cabin for the weekend.When the weekend finishes,They decide to go.When they drive,They see the only exit is destroyed,Causeing them to stay in the cabin.

Rachel trys to call for help,But no one answers.Monica goes for the shower,And bloods comes out.Monica screams and gets dressed.She tells the others and they are freaked out.During night,An tree branch smashes in the window and trys to grab Joey out.Ross and Chandler save them and they hear someone downstairs begging for help.

Ross opens the door and an old woman with an chainsaw comes out.She trys to kill Phoebe,And Chandler sets her on fire.She falls into the basement and Ross and Rachel barricade the door to the basement.

The front door blasts open and another tree brach trys to get in.Rachel runs out the back and Ross and Monica chase after her.An tree grabs onto her and Monica saves her.The tree then grabs onto Monica and tears her apart.

Ross is upset that Monica dies and is in an state of shock.He is snapped out of it when Phoebe screams.They run to the scream and see blood on the mirror.Just then,An hand apears out of the window and grabs onto Rachel's hair.Ross is forced to cut the hair it is holding so she can escape.

Joey is in his bedroom and sees an hole in the wall.Hundreads of arms come out and grab Joey.Joey shouts and Ross and Chandler come in.They try to save him,But they accidently rip out his legs and are horrified.

Rachel and Phoebe then see the basement door getting chansawed and the woman comes out.Chandler kills her with her own chanisaw.Fire bursts out in flames,Which nearly kills Phoebe.Rachel and Chandler fall in the basement and some sort of weed blocks them from escapeing.They then see two people with knifes slowly walking to them.

Pheobe is dragged out by the tree branch and Ross finds out he has to save Phoebe or the others.Just then,The tree kills Phoebe and Ross goes for the other two.He saves them in time but Chandler is cut on the arm.

When they escape the house,Chandler falls down and wakes up possessed.Rachel and Ross flee from him and take refuge in an shed.They start to cry to each other how their friends are killed.Chandler smashes in and trys to kill them.Rachel grabs an chainsaw and saws him in half.

Ross and Rachel run to the exit and see that it is changed.When Ross throws an stone at it just in case,It goes through the road,Which means it was an trap.Just then,Ross is shot and Rachel screams.She then sees the man holding an shotgun and he says that he created the evil he calls "Baby".He knocks Rachel out with an shovel,And drags her away.


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