The Slave is an crossover with star wars and f.r.i.e.n.d.s.Rachel is an slave,And when Ross kills her master,The two team up with another four people to try and escape to the planet Sarature,The last planet not ruled by the dark side.

One First Incindent

Rachel cleaned the table,Looking at her master,Slughorn.Slughorn was half human and the other half a slug."What you looking at bitch", It shouted,Which caused Rachel to quickly clean the table."Oh look,There is the fucking human coming to pick you up",Slughorn shouted and threw an glass at her,Which caused her arm to bleed.Rachel opened the door so the boy could get in.

"I'm um looking for um Rachel Karen Green please",the boy said in near tears.Since the dark side had killed Darth Vadar,Luke,Leia and Han Solo,The whole universe had changed.Big time."Here's the bitch", Slughorn pushed Rachel to Ross,Who held onto her.Ross handed it the money and he and Rachel quickly got out of the shop.

"Bitch",Slughorn shouted and the pair turned around.He was holding an beritrion,An gun that kills people in an matter of seconds.Slughorn tried to shoot Rachel,But Ross dived on Slughorn and grabbed the beritrion.He shot the thing in the head,Killing it instantly.

"Oh my god",Rachel cried out in horror."We need to flee,Now",Ross and Rachel ran to Ross's speeder."I'm getting my sister,Monica",And with that they drove off to the lonely desert.They got to Ross's house and he told Rachel to stay in the car.

Monica was cleaning up the basement just when her mother,Judy,Came down."Your brother is going to live with his uncle Vince",and with that,Monica silently prayed for her brother's saftey.Ever since their father died,Judy had to make them slaves,And when they never did any good,She was going to hire a new slave and get rid off Ross.

Just then,The door bursted open and Judy and Monica looked up."Take this,Mom",Ross screamed and shot her with the beritrion."Ross", Monica uttered out in horror.Ross held onto her hand and the two ran out of their house.

"Do you know anyone who could get us out",Ross asked Rachel as Monica got in the car."Yeah,Phoebe Buffay.She coud handle an ship that could get us to Sarature",And with those words,Everyone beamed.The only planet that held no slavery.

Two Ursula's Last Stand

They managed to get to the mansion that Phoebe stayed in.She was an slave,And she,Along with the others,Had been kept in the celler.Lucky for Rachel,Monica and Ross,Who never stayed in an cellar that crowded.

Ross and Rachel bursted in the front doors while Monica waited at the car.Just then,They saw Ursula,Who was looking at them with an big grin on her face."Where's Phoebe",Ross shouted and then someone behind him knocked him out.Rachel screamed as she looked at Lily Buffay."Ursula,Torture her,Honet",Ursula smiled and she dragged Rachel into an room.

Rachel was tied up in the bed when she noticed that Ursula had an red lightsavor.HELP ME",Rachel screamed as Ursula pretended to try and kill Rachel.Befour she could kill her,The door bursted open and someone shot Ursula.Rachel looked up and saw Ross and Phoebe,Who helped untie Rachel.

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