The Slenderman

The Slenderman is a 2018 psychological horror film and the first official movie to be based on the Slenderman mythology. The film stars Christopher James Baker, Ryan Kwanten, Jessica Chastain, Spencer Locke, Gabriel Bateman, Griffin Gluck, Erin Marie Hogan, Amber Stevens, J.K. Simmons, Garrett Ryan and Michael Landes.


He is watching. Always.


The Davison family has just left behind their complex lives in Chicago for a fresh start in the secluded, amiable town of Mulberry, Illinois. Moving into a suitably comfortable 2-story home, family man Nate is determined to give his kids a perfect opportunity to start over with fresh scenery as well as privileges. Unfortunately, things begin to take a turn for the worse when 12 year old Jesse starts making contact with a mysterious entity known as Slenderman, an unnaturally tall, pale, slender figure wearing a suit with no facial features. He is thought to be responsible for the haunting, stalking and disappearance of countless children and teens. As the contact grows more vivid and serious, Nate and his wife, Kelly must face their worst fears in order to save their son from becoming yet another victim of the evil at work.



Christopher James Baker as Slenderman - In almost every description of the Slender Man, his attributes will vary, sometimes greatly. However, his basic appearance and traits are relatively consistent across different accounts. His appearance has changed over the years, but the most common image – and the most well known in media– is that of an abnormally tall human with long arms and a totally blank face. He is usually portrayed as wearing a business suit, which may be either real cloth, or some form of skin molded to take on the appearance of cloth. If the former, this would imply an intelligent being attempting to try to blend in. If it is the latter, it suggests an extremely adaptive being that evolves to match its environment. He behaves in what might be seen as a passive-aggressive manner, often stalking targets for years at a time before ever attacking. It’s understood that he tends to torture his targets mentally, over long periods of time, using fear and paranoia to drive them to insanity. No one has ever satisfactorily explained the reasoning behind his tactics or the way he chooses his victims, and his purposes and/or motivations have yet to be fully ascertained. He is rarely, if ever, portrayed in a good or benign light and is generally understood to be a malevolent force. Slender Man is a mystery. He looks like a human being, but doesn’t act like one. It is uncertain if he is a social creature, understands human languages or behaviors, or even why humans appear to be his primary targets. It sometimes seems as if he is capable of possessing his targets in some cases. Slender Man's mere appearance provokes fear. This is partially due to his towering height and overall unnerving appearance, and partially due to his behavior, which is almost completely alien. Humans also find it extremely hard to describe The Slender Man: a description in words can be given, but often lack the ability the fully describe the creature. It is believed that Slender Man is from/exists on a fourth dimensional plane, which would account for some of his apparent abilities. There are two main descriptions of the The Slender Man’s behavior. Originally, he was portrayed as being not only malevolent, but also extremely dangerous. He would stalk its targets, impale them on trees, and remove their organs. In comparison, contemporary depictions have turned him into a more passive-aggressive creature. Instead of an active chase, he is more likely to let his prey devolve slowly into madness until they are unable to cope with their situation, often watching from afar as this takes place. If angered, it will charge the aggressor and vanish with its victim to an unknown location. Modern interpretations also show that The Slender Man interacts oddly with electronic equipment and causes massive interference with audio and visual recording devices. Sometimes an individual can determine if The Slender Man is near simply by how certain electronics act. Radios, televisions, and cameras are especially susceptible. How powerful this effect is seems to vary, which could be due either to The Slender Man's state of aggression, or other outside factors that he may or may not be controlling (eg: weather, cell phone signals, etc.) In almost every contemporary description, The Slender Man is associated with stalking, often for extremely long periods. It is not unusual for a person to be trailed by The Slender Man for hours, days, months, or even years. However, he usually appears when least expected and where the victim is alone and the most comfortable (home, school, work, outdoors, along trusted roads, etc), and often times he also strikes when the target's defenses are down, sometimes to the point where they simply have no will to fight him off any further, making for an easier kill. One of the most common features of The Slender Man, generally accepted among both fans of the mythos and victims, is that he will target those who reach a certain level of understanding about it. These accounts vary from person to person, but it seems that being a victim of The Slender Man is almost contagious or memetic. One can become his prey by encountering someone he is already chasing. Basic research and even collecting images doesn’t appear to incur its notice, someone has to delve into the mythos in an almost obsessive way. A theory sprouts from this, discussing how he could be able to track several victims at once, due to the apparent number of people invested in the mythos. This theory states that he is a sort of omnipresent being.

Ryan Kwanten as Nate Davison - He is the husband of Kelly and father of Annie, Dimitri and Jesse. Nate has just moved his family into the woodsy town of Mulberry, Illinois with the intention of starting a new life with his wife and children. He is an author suffering from pronounced writer's block and is desperate to find the write words for his next piece. Nate writes self-help books, sociology novels and biographical accounts, but hasn't written a word in over a year. As a result of his loss of thought, Nate feels consumed by failure and burdened by a financially unstable economy. He would die easily for his wife and kids, but has trouble when it comes to listening to them in reference to their problems.

Jessica Chastain as Kelly Davison - She is the wife of Nate and mother of Annie, Dimitri and Jesse. Kelly boasts a remarkable talent for painting, but has willingly put her dreams aside in order to build a family. On her free time, Kelly paints beautiful pictures detailing her life as a wife and mother. She also exercises constantly to stay in shape, eats a healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, and tends day and night to her family to ensure that everyone is happy and everything is under control. Though she hasn't lived the most fulfilling life, Kelly is content with being a homemaker, cooking dinner and spending time with her kids. Her goal is to sell her paintings to local art collectors, but very few people see the true value in her work.

Spencer Locke as Annie Davison - She is the 18 year old daughter of Nate and Kelly and the sister of Jesse and Dimitri. Annie has just been forcefully removed from her hometown of Chicago and isn't too thrilled with moving to Mulberry, Illinois. She misses her former friends and high school, where she was very active in extracurricular activities such as library club, student council and even won prom queen during her junior semester. Annie keeps in touch with her best friend, Latrina, and shares a close relationship with her two younger brothers. Though she displays a bubbly, optimistic personality, Annie struggles with some slight depression that she feels comfortable talking about only with her mother, as the two have a tight bond. Once 12 year-old Jesse begins making contact with a malevolent force known as Slenderman, Annie feels determined to get behind the legend and do whatever she has to to save her brother - or die trying.

Gabriel Bateman as Jesse Davison - He is the 12 year-old son of Nate and Kelly and the younger brother of Annie and Dimitri. Jesse is a clever, artistic pre-teen who doesn't have a dramatic bone in his body. He's grateful, polite and optimistic about moving into a new town. Jesse enjoys his close relationship with his older brother, Dimitri, and follows loyally in his shadow. His favorite activities include riding his bike, going camping with his family, drawing and experiencing new things. Being young, Jesse is easily duped into following through on Dimitri's reckless adventures. Once Slenderman begins making his presence known to Jesse, his behavior starts to change; he grows moody, emotionally distant and violently unpredictable. As the friendship between Jesse and Slender grows stronger, he begins to find himself under the being's deadly control, which slowly molds him into a robotic, enslaved shadow of his former self.

Griffin Gluck as Dimitri Davison - He is the 17 year-old son of Nate and Kelly and brother of Annie and Jesse. Dimitri is an adventurous, sometimes foul-mouthed teen who loves telling ghost stories and going on adventures with his little brother, Jesse. Since they've moved to a new town, Dimitri feels as though his father is abandoning him and focusing solely on his work rather than his family. He learned from a former friend in Chicago how to smoke a cigarette, and frequently sneaks them around the house to smoke whenever he feels lonely or bored. Dimitri loves to make fun of his older sister or get his younger brother in trouble, but displays a clear affection for them at the same time. Though initially skeptical of Jesse's claims that Slenderman is real, Dimitri slowly learns that the horror is all but fictional, and it's affecting him just as strongly.

Erin Marie Hogan as Meg Porter - She is Kelly's younger sister, Nate's sister-in-law and Annie, Dimitri and Jesse's aunt. Meg lives a relatively stress-free life; going to the gym and shopping with her girlfriends. She decides to take a trip to Mulberry to visit her sister and spend some time with the kids. Meg quickly notices the changes in Jesse's behavior and the effect Slenderman is having on him. She becomes involved in Jesse's experience and is instantly convinced that Slender is a negative influence, but struggles to convince her sister that the story is true. Once Meg discovers violent drawings of dead children made by Jesse, she conducts her own investigation on the mythical creature and does what she can to protect Jesse from it.

Amber Stevens as Latrina Wilhelm - She is Annie's best friend from Chicago who maintains close contact through skype. Latrina has a bad reputation back in her high school; she's promiscuous, often shacking up with lots of boys and experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Jeff and Kelly attempt to steer Annie clear of Latrina, but underneath her loose exterior rests a beating heart. She's thoughtful, caring and urgent, willing to rush to Annie's aid as soon as Slenderman begins to dominate her family's lives. Latrina knows how to put up a fight, but she's easily frightened by challenges out of her control.

J.K. Simmons as Samuel Holland - He is a former neighbor of the Davison's who now works as a priest at Chicago's "Fourth Presbyterian Church". After the death of his beloved wife, Samuel decided to give up on love in order to avoid feeling the pain he suffered through two years prior. He keeps everyone around him at arm's length out of fear that those who grow close to him will only end up leaving, and he has made a pledge to help others as a way of carrying out God's wishes. In a sense, Sam believes that the best way to recover from a trauma is to help and care for other people who are experiencing a deep-seated pain.

Garrett Ryan as Young Nate Davison 

Michael Landes as Roger McChristoph - He is a local resident of Mulberry who has been wrongfully charged with the disappearance of his seven year-old son, and as a result, he's been locked up in jail for over a year. Thought of as the "town crazy" by his neighbors, Roger constantly proclaims that he loved his son and had nothing to do with his sudden disappearance. He claims that an inhuman being known only as Slenderman abducted his son, and stalked the two of them for a long time before acting on it. Roger spends his time behind bars scribbling pictures of Slenderman on paper and posting them on the walls, trying in vain to convince people that he's innocent and telling the truth. He cries himself to sleep at night whenever he starts thinking of his son, whom he prays will one day be returned to him.


Samuel Holland - While Samuel is performing an exorcism on Jesse, Slenderman exits Jesse's body and possesses Samuel, causing his eyes to blacken and his entire body to go numb. With Slenderman now in control of Sam's mind, Samuel dunks his head under a holy water font where he remains motionless as the water fills his lungs. Kelly and Nate run over to Samuel and pull him out from underneath the holy water, but he has already drowned.

Latrina Wilhelm - As Annie searches around the house looking for Latrina, she suddenly finds her standing still in the kitchen. Annie is initially relieved that she's found Latrina, but soon realizes that she's trapped in a trance-like state. Annie informs Latrina that they need to leave now, but Latrina remains in place. With tears pouring down her cheeks, Latrina picks up a kitchen knife and raises it in the air. Annie pleads with Latrina to put the knife down, but she sincerely apologizes to Annie before slitting her throat open with the kitchen knife.

Nate Davison - While Nate and Kelly are running after Jesse in the forest, Nate comes across a note that says "HELP ME!" planted on a tree. He rips the letter off the tree and stares at it, wondering what it could mean. Nate suddenly hears Jesse calling out for him, and he turns around and sees Jesse standing against a tree. Jesse then runs away and Nate screams for him, when suddenly a branch that's attached to a tall tree comes alive and impales Nate through his back and out of his stomach. Nate slowly bleeds to death while impaled on the tree branch, and Slenderman appears from behind the tree. He digs his hands into Nate's stomach and tears out his organs, which he then places inside of a plastic bag.

Meg Porter - While Meg is searching through a bathroom, she slowly opens up a stall door and finds Jesse standing inside faced against the wall. Meg sighs in relief and embraces Jesse tightly. She turns him around and he appears catatonic, refusing to respond or acknowledge his aunt. Meg pleads with Jesse to say something and he quietly tells her that the operator is nearby. The lights in the bathroom flicker, altering them that he's close, so Meg and Jesse make a run for the exit. As they are about to leave, Slenderman appears standing in front of the doorway blocking the exit. Meg holds Jesse back, folds her hands in a praying position and tearfully pleads with Slender to let her nephew go free. Slender begins to sprout tentacles from his back and they wrap firmly around Meg's neck. Meg stands still and silently while balling her fingers up into a fist, as more tentacles rub up against her face and neck. She quietly instructs Jesse to go get help, and he runs straight into the forest. Meg continues to stand bravely as Slender's tentacles wrap tighter around her neck, causing her to gasp for air while she clutches her throat with both hands. Slender then lifts the dying Meg off of the floor with his tentacles and smashes her against a mirror, shattering the glass as she falls lifelessly onto the floor.

Jesse Davison - While Jesse is sitting in a fetal position against a tree, Slenderman approaches him and the two mentally communicate with one another. Slenderman mentally asks Jesse to join him in his world, and Jesse stays silent out of fear. Slenderman wipes the tears off of Jesse's face, and Jesse agrees to go with Slender as long as he doesn't hurt his mother, sister and brother. Slender agrees to let Kelly, Annie and Dimitri go freely, and kindly reaches his hand out for Jesse. Jesse reluctantly grabs onto Slenderman's hand, stands up and the two proceed to walk together into the deeper section of the forest. As Jesse and Slenderman are walking straight through the woods, they suddenly disappear as they're transported to another dimension.


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