The Son of Time: The Dark Times is an upcoming fantasy film set to be released sometime after 2010.


Zac Efron Zac Efron as Alexander Cornex: A nineteen year old boy who became a knight sometime prior to the movie. He later joins Xoz's Dark Army.

Vanessa Hudgens Vanessa Hudgens as Anna Sinksil: Alexander's girlfriend and Kratos' friend.

Samuel Witwer Samuel Witwer as Kratos Cornex: Alexander's older brother.

Nicole Kidman Nicole Kidman as Princess Marrial: The princess of the kingdom.

Vince Vaughn Vince Vaughn as the Captain of United Knights The captain of the United Knights who took over after they lost their other captain.

  • Michael Forcan as Xoz: The dark wizard and the main antagonist of the movie.
  • Grandpa Savino as The Wise One: A master of light who had led the United Knights into battle sometime ago.
  • Gordon as the Dark Fat Knight: A big and fat dark knight who loves to eat. He will bring comedy to the movie.
  • Darth Solid as Xoz's Apprentice: Xoz's loyal assistant.

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