Based on the movie Sorority row,An couple of sorority sisters accidently kill an girl.However,The next year they are stalked and killed by an unknowen man.One of the sisters,Rachel,Trys to figure out who it is befour she is killed.


Stella is having sex with Brian,And Brian's girlfriend,Joni,Finds this.She tells Rachel,Vera,Isabella,Jane and Becca.Becca suggests that they play a prank on him and Stella.Joni walks in them having sex and when shouting,Fakes her hear attack.Brian and Stella follow the girls to an old mine to "bury" Joni.However,Stella and Rachel nearly fall into the well,And Stella grabs onto Joni.However,Joni wakes up in fear and during the chaos,An big sword comes crashing down,Killing Joni instantly.Everyone pannicks and Brian and Isabella drop the body in the well.

The next year,The girls are having an party and

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