Before Hovana was even born... there was... chaos. There were no solar systems, no galaxies, no universes, no order... and that was the way Nature was supposedly to be. However, then came authoritative beings, who wanted order in this chaos. They worshipped a God known as The Universal Father. They believed he had chosen them to be the ones to bring strictness into the chaos, and they did so. These beings were among the first Metaphysical beings, and they used their super mind abilities to control entire planets. Over the course of 445 Billion years, a cluster began to appear, and then 7 different ultra massive clusters, and then above it, was this massive beacon of light, projecting from a single massive planet. This came to be known as The Isle of Paradise. This planet was the governing body of this massive sphere of energy, which came to be known as Havona, and the beings in it, Havonians. Little did the Havonians know, there were forces working together to bring about their destruction.


There were many races that existed before Havona, one of these, is The Spawn. A race of Parasitic organisms who infected all that lay before them. On their homeworld, however, they had many predators to keep them in check, but then they ventured offworld, via their Cores. One Spawn Core carried with it an entire prolifera of generations to come, and they could survive in the vacuum of space. They intended to destroy the Havonians, claiming they had desgraced Nature, and coveted what was once theirs.

Among the Havonians, there was one such physical race that had grown to be the main messengers of the Havonian High Orders, one such race, was The Harbingers. The Spawn struck with such force it nearly wiped out The Harbingers, and also destroyed the Isle of Paradise, well, heavily damaged it. The Spawn left, claiming they would return with greater numbers to finish off what remained of The Harbingers. Battered and beaten, The Harbingers intended to go into hiding, knowing they would be no match for The Coming Storm. They also found that the Havonians had seeded the Havona sphere with life, and where it was once a desolate waste land, was now a flourishing beacon of life. The Harbingers, feeling sorry for them, build Havens for them. And they then retreated into hiding.

Ultimate Conflict Era

The Spawn were freed from one of their containment facilities on the Haven by The Zodiac. They then spread, and were thought to have been destroyed along with Haven, but they were not.

Total Assault 2 Era

The Spawn escaped the blast with captured UEM ships, and landed on Earth when the Spindle Shrine destroyed the Defense Barrier. They then began to contaminate Earth, but were stopped by Avisto and his followers.

Total Assault 3 Era

The Spawn were freed from one of their containment facilities on The Mantle. They then quickly spread until they engulfed the entire planet. They then escaped on a Spawn Controlled Troy Station which crashed on Earth, and the Spawn then began to spread over all of Atlantis. By the time Bogart had been stopped, The Harbingers then returned from hiding and wiped out all of Atlantis and nearly all of North America in their blast radius, burning the bulk of the infestation on Earth.


It is assumed The Spawn retreated when they failed to conquer the Super Haven, as they could not surely have all been destroyed.

Life Cycle

The Spawn go through several distinct stages.

Daemon Spawn

The Daemon Spawn, or simply Daemon or Demon, is not a true pure Spawn, but it is a microscopic organism which gets into and toys with the Host's brain. It can drive a high-ranking official insane and conquer or destroy an entire civilization, a single Demon can destroy an entire species. The Daemons nearly destroyed The Isle of Paradise, and were responsible for the Lucifer Rebellions, but were stopped, and nearly driven to extinction, or contained on the 23 moons. The Spawn themselves then picked up where the Demons left off, and wiped out the Havonians. The last Daemon host to be fought was Jon, the rest were destroyed onboard the UEM Duality.


  • None.

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