The Eleventh level of Total Assault 2.



  • Fiends
    • Rookies
    • Veterans
    • Patriarchs
  • Purists
    • Rookies
    • Veterans
    • Specialists
    • Leader Specialists
    • Valiants
    • Gallants
    • Councilors
  • Drones
    • Rookies
    • Veterans
    • Specialists
  • Grendel
    • Rookies
    • Veterans
  • Banshees
    • Rookies
    • Veterans
  • Scarabs
    • Rookies
    • Veterans
  • Ravager
    • Infantry (x4)


  • UEM
    • Pistol
    • Machine Gun
    • Scope Rifle
    • Shotgun
    • Grenade Launcher
    • Sniper Rifle
    • Chain Gun
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Ion Dagger
    • Ion Sword
  • Zodiac
    • All Zodiac


  • Hover Gun


  • Find Ivy.
  • Rescue Strikers in brig.
  • Get to the lower levels.


I feel like i'm forgetting something...

  • After the conflict with Malice, the MSWG were picked up and they captured a Zodiac dropship and boarded the Spindle Shrine, they then dropped off the MSWG and they caught the Zodiac by surprise. They must now find Ivy who has been captured by Kluutak.
  • You start off with a Machine Gun and Grenade Launcher, there are several other UEM weapons dropped off in crates that should last you through the level. Pick your weapons and follow the other MSWG through the door when you are ready to begin.
  • In this first hall and room there are no Enemies save a few Drones and a Fiend operating a Hover Gun, destroy the Hover Gun with a well-placed Grenade and then take out the Drones.
  • The next series of chambers in this tower known as Tornado are occupied mainly by Fiends, Drones, Grendel, and Purists. When the player is absent, the Fiends and Purists will be fighting each other, but most of the time they will team up to kill the MSWG.
  • Once alerted of your presence, Dark Energy will flee along with most of the other Zodiac forces, and the Shrine will be on full alert against the MSWG, and they will all be teamed up against you, not ending the Great Divide however.
  • Once you enter the Council Chambers, you will find that Ivy is not there, and it was just a distraction, or a Test to test just how dangerous the MSWG are, and they have passed it.

Just a Test

  • You will enter a new tower, Hurricane. Once inside, fight your way through several groups of Purist and Drone groups aswell as a few straggling Grendel and a Ravager duo. Scarabs are abundant after you get to a certain floor aswell as more Fiend and Purist strike parties, once you begin fighting these parties the level will get much harder, as it means you are getting closer to your objective.
  • Take these beasts out from a distance, and continue cautiously. As soon as you get closer you will be assaulted by another Ravager, only in a smaller room, making this part frustrating. Use your explosives if you have any, if not use grenades, if no grenades try to just run past him.
  • After you free the Strikers, continue lower, through exactly seven more chambers and six corridors and down eight lifts.
  • Once you come to the final lift, the mission will end.

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