The Squad was an multi-universe legion of heroes and villains, whose sole purpose was to combat an evil that threatened the very fabric of time: The Klieans.

Known Members

Note: Every day, more and more heroes and villians join The Squad as members. Honor them by adding their names to this list (Add anybody you can think of to the list, unless they are already on here). Remember: Every person has to start out a member. Users start out as members also, but, through the decisions of the Congress, they can perhaps eventually become a part of the Congress also, which gives them the power to make decisions, should they so choose to participate in a vote.

Ranks: Congress(wo)man (Rank 6) (Highest Rank); General (Rank 5) (Highest non-User Rank); Ambassador (Rank 4); Admiral (Rank 3); Captain (Rank 2); Member (Rank 1)

PC's (users)

Darth Raiden - Founder (Congress(wo)man)

SPARTAN-984 - Founder (Congress(wo)man)

Darth CheerCheer - Founder (Congress(wo)man)

Jade Wong - Founder (Congress(wo)man)

Ultimo X - Founder (Congress(wo)man)

Fire - Founder (Congress(wo)man)

Celtic22 - Member

NPC's (non-users)

Mario - Member

Master Chief - Member

Kratos - Member

Galen Marek (AKA Starkiller) - Member

Darth Vader - Member

Lightning - Member

Cloud Strife - Member

Sonic the Hedgehog - Member

Yoda - Memebr

Neo - Member

Luigi - Member

Princess Peach - Member

Yoshi - Member

Tifa Lockheart - Member

Squall Leonhart - Member

Terra Bradford - Member

Rikku - Member

Tidus - Member

Yuna - Member

Onion Knight - Member

Snow Villiers - Member

Oerba Dia Vanille - Member

Oerba Yun Fang - Member

Hope Esthiem - Member

Trinity - Member

Morpheous - Member

Pit - Member

Ike - Member

Marth - Member

Lyn - Member

The Arbiter - Member

Sgt. Forge - Member

The Rookie - Member

Wario - Member

Waluigi - Member

Ichigo - Member

Lloyd Irving - Member

(Always more coming soon)

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