The Stalker is a story featuring the friends characters.An person toys with the gang,And in Halloween,The person makes an turn for the worse.

One StalkerEdit

"Rach,Give me that magnet",Monica Geller shouted from the other side of the house."Okay",Rachel shouted back.Rachel grabbed the magnet from the table and walked to Monica."Here",Rachel said and Monica grabbed the magnet."I'm going to my work to see my "crush",Bye",Rachel smiled and she walked out of the apartment.She saw Joey coming out of her old apartment.

"Hey,You know what,Chan and Joe,We are going to get out apartment back",Rachel smirked and walked out of the building.She hailed for an taxi and got in,Not noticeing someone looking at her.

"Bloomingdales",Rachel said to the drive and grabbed the nearby magazine.When the cab stopped in front of the building,Rachel got out and shut the door.Rachel walked in,And then walked into the elevator.Just then,An man ran in befour the doors shut."Hello,Richard",Rachel put an fake smiled on him.He was Monica's exboyfriend."Hey",He looked at her and then relised it was Rachel.

"What are you doing here",Rachel asked."Oh,I'm looking for an job",Richard replyed."Okay",Just then,Rachel dropped her her folders which held her job information.Richard bent down and helped her to pick it up."Thanks",Rachel smiled.

The door opened and Rachel quickly got out.She was nerved by Richard.Richard was old enough to be her father.Why was he looking for an job,In an fashion job aswell.Rachel went to her office and locked the door.Rachel then saw Mr.Waltham,Her boss."Ah,Dear,I need to ask if you can take my neice to the opera",He politly asked."Yeah,Sure",Rachel said and sat down on her desk.

Richard then saw Mr.Waltham leaveing the office."Excuse me,Sir",Richard asked."Yes",The elder man asked.Just then,Richard punched Waltham on the face and pushed him down the stairs.Rachel heard an noise outside,And slowly got up.

"Mr.Waltham",Rachel nervously said.She slowly opened the door and Waltham's unconsious body is throwen on top of her."AHHH",Rachel screams and trys to get up.Richard slowly walks to her,Obviously enjoy

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