The Stone is an friends and Assassin's creed crossover fanfiction.Ross Geller is kidnapped by a couple of "Menlongs".He is forced to find out how his past assassin found out about the "stone".Meanwhile,Doctor Rachel Green is forced to work with the "Menlongs",So she decides to work with Ross and find an way to destroy the "Menlongs",Befour they find the stone.

One KidnappedEdit

Ross Geller was reading the newly editon book,"Dinosaur information",Until he heard someone knocking on the door."Coming",Ross said and he walked to the door.He opened it and saw a couple of men looking at him."Can i help you",Ross politely asked."Yeah",One said and he punched him in the head.Ross fell straight down,Bleeding on the head.

One then took an knife and slowly walked to Ross,Who was trying to crawl away."This will only knock you out for a few hours",He smiled evily as he aimed the knife at his neck."Stop",Shouted an woman and they turned around.There was an woman pointing an gun at them."Assassin",One asked."No,But i work",She then kicked the man in the head.The man with the knife quickly stabbed Ross."NOOO",Rachel screamed and she grabbed the vase on the table.She quickly threw it at the man."Come on".

Rachel tried her hardest to pick up Ross and was trying to get out through the back door.Just then,An shot was heard and the window smashed."Duck",Rachel pushed Ross down onto the floor and pushed herself down.

Meanwhile,Leader of the men Chandler Bing smashed the open the door."Come on Green.You tricked me but not anymore",He smiled as he shot Rachel on the shoulder."Sleep tight",He smiled."Put these in the boot of the car",He t

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