Harry Potter. James and Lily weren't murdered on Halloween. Harry starts his first year, but things are very different now in this universe.


"Come on, Harry", Lily was trying to wake up her son, Harry. He was an heavy sleaper, like his father. "Five more minutes", he moaned.

"You said that twenty minutes befour", Lily said, furstrated. "Fine, no breakfest", she smirked. "No", he shot right up. Lily laughed.

"Come down then", she told Harry. "Yes Sir", Harry saluted her. He followed Lily down stairs. He saw his younger sister drinking milk.

Anna and Vera Potten er were Harry's younger sisters. They were both twins, but not identical. Ironic, they share the same birthday along with Lily.

"Hello, Git", Anna happily said. "Hello, squirt", Harry shot back. "Stop it", Lily scoloded, although you could see an twinke in her eye.

"So Harry, excited", James Potter asked. James was his father. "Yes. When are we meeting the Weasleys", Harry asked.

The Weasleys were an family friend of the Potters. Molly and Lily could tell that Harry and Molly's youngest and only daughter, Ginny, fancied each other.

"At the platform", Lily told him. She let James kiss her on the cheek, and she playfully pushed him away. "We better hurry up", she told them.

Harry quickly got changed, then Anna, then Vera. James and Lily were already changed. "How are we going to get there", Vera asked.

"Ministry cars", James told her. They saw an car floating to them. James went in front, while the other four sat the back, along with Harry's owl and cat.

Harry got an snowy white owl from Lily and James when they found out he was accepted at Hogwarts. Rose, his white fluffy cat, was given to him when he turned ten.

The car stopped and the family got out. They walked through the barrier and Lily was crying. "I can't believe it", she sobbed.

"Lily", James tried to console her. "I'm sorry. Be good Harry", she chocked. Just then, they heard the infamous Weasley Twins talking to their mother.

They turned around and saw an red haired invasion. Molly Weasley and five of her seven children were with them.

Percy Weasley had been accepted to Ravenclaw. Molly was still proud though. Fred and George were accepted to Gryffindor.

Ron, Harry's best friend, was starting the year with him. Ron was nervous incase he was accepted into Sylthern. Harry was too.

Ginny, the youngest and only daughter, had another year to start. She was in tears, as she was the last one to go to Hogwarts.

"Hello, Molly", Lily was happy when she saw her. After talking, the children got on, and Ron and Harry helped each other with their luggage.

They found an compartment with an bushy haired girl was sitting in. "Can we sit here", Harry asked politly.

"Sure", the girl was happy. "I'm Harry Potter, this is Ron Weasley. Who are you", Harry asked. They both sat down across from the girl.

"I'm Hermione Granger", the girl whispered. "Muggle-Born", Ron asked. Hermione nodded. "Don't worry, we will be your friend", Harry told her.

"Will you. I have never had an friend befour", she told them. Harry and Ron were shocked, and both felt sorry for this poor girl.

"Don't worry, you will be fine at Hogwarts", Ron told her. The three of them became best friends when they started talking.

Hermione was as smart as God. Ron thought this was annoying, but he still wanted to be her friend. Harry was liking this girl every second.

"I think you will be in Ravenclaw", Harry told her. "Realy", she asked. "Sure", he smiled. "I hope i'm in one of your houses", she told them.

Harry and Ron changed and Hermione changed afterwards. The train came to an stop, and were told to leave their luggage behind.

The three of them saw an big giant man telling them to come and sit on an boat. Harry, Ron and Hermione sat in an boat with an boy called Nevile Longbottom.

Hermione then gasped. "What", Harry whispered. "You are Harry Potter, i can't believe i never noticed", she whispered back. "It ain't an big deal", he whispered back.

Hermione blushed. "I know", she replyed. Just then, they looked up and saw Hogwarts. They were all in awe, and Ron nearly fainted.

They got in after the boat trip and an woman named Proffesor McGonagall tell them about the four houses. Harry was excited, yet scared.

Meanwhile, an woman named Dora was running. An man was behind her, chasing after her. "Help me", she tried to scream, but the man pulled her blonde hair and she tripped.

"Where is Harry Potter", the man asked coldly. "I do-", she was cut off when she was instantly dead. The man looked up and smiled.

"My Lord. We are searching for him", he whispered to no one.

Sorting and ShocksEdit

Harry, Ron and Hermione were nervously waiting in line. Mrs. McGonagall told them that she would be yelling out in alphabetical order to get sorted.

Abbot, Hannah was first. Sevral names came down and Hermione was the first out of the trio to be yelled out. She ran up to the hat and McGonagall put the hat on her.

'You seem to have the smarts as Rowena, and the bravery of Godric. You have the loyalty as Helga. Ambitious as well.

"Not Slytheren", she whispered. 'Don't worry. You will do well in RAVENCLAW, the hat yelled. Hermione quickly ran to the table, blushing.

Several of names later and Harry was called out. He walked to the hat and the hat was placed on his head.

'Mr. Potter. Nice to see the son of James Potter. Anyway, you are loyal, brave, smart and ambitious, an bit like Miss Granger.

You could do well in Syltheren, but you could do well in RAVENCLAW. Everybody was shocked. Everyone expected him to go to Gryffindor.

Harry ran and sat next to Hermione. He saw Percy clapping for him. The second last was Ron to be called out.

He put the hat on his head. Mr. Weasley. Another. Brave and Smart. Your choice.

"Ravenclaw", Ron whispered. He wanted to be with his friends. Even though he wanted to be put in Gryffindor. "RAVENCLAW".

Ron ran and sat next to Harry. He couldn't believe it. He, like Percy, betrayed the family tradition. He remembered he should write an letter to his mother.

After the feast, they were ordered to go to the common room. Harry and Ron was atleast glad they weren't sorted into Syltheren.

They relised they had to answer an riddle to get into the common room. They vowed that Hermione atleast should be with them at all times.

They walked in and relised they were bookcases of books. The paint of the wall were light blue, and an picture of an Eagle was there.

They were ordered to go their bed. Harry saw Rose and Hedwig there. He let Rose explore the common room, while he wrote an letter to Lily.

Deer Mum and Dad

I am here to tell you that me and Ron were sorted into Ravenclaw. We made friends with an girl named Hermione Granger on the way over here. I and Ron are ever so glad we aren't in Sylthern. Anyway, the weasleys were shocked in Gryffindor that Ron was sorted into Ravenclaw. Don't ask why. Anyway, send this to Mrs. Weasley, Ron has already wrote another letter. Don't read that one.

From Harry


Dad, give me sweets. you promised. and the invisability coat.

Harry send Hedwig away, and he and Ron prepared to go to bed.

Meanwhile, the man who killed Dora was dragging her into an room. He put his mask off and throw it down. His name was Siruis Black.

He remembered when he betrayed the Potters. He had killed Wormtail, and those filthy Muggles. When he learned that Harry had somehow killed the dark lord, he was furious.

He was sent to Azkaban. Remus dropped off once, but only to tell him he was furious at him and simply walked off.

He relised his next target had to be that woman Lily's sister. Petunia and her family.

That night, he stormed into the house. He saw the chubby boy in his sleap. He instantly killed him. He heard an scream.

He saw Petunia and Vernon. Siruis quickly knocked Vernorn unconscious and grabbed onto Petunia. "Where is Lily", he hissed.

"I don-", she screamed as Siruis raped her. "Now tell me the fucking truth", he shouted. When he finished, he shoved her to the wall.

He walked into the hall and killed Vernon. Petunia was crying. "Please", she begged. "Have Mercy", she sobbed.

Siruis made her under the imperius curse. She slowly got up, walked down stairs, and poured all the wine down to the floor.

He made her light an match and throw it at the spills. It immediatly went up in flames, and Siruis let her off.

Petunia screamed as she burned. She then saw Dudley and Vernon walking to her, but they too were dead. Petunia screamed as they both walked into the fire.

Petunia cried as she melted to the floor. She saw Siruis grinning at her. She tried to let out an scream, but nothing came out. Her world went to black.


James Potter and Siruis Black were the best of friends. Until that night when James discovered the truth.

James and Lily were cooing at their baby son, Harry. They heard an knock on the door and James looked out the window. It was Siruis.

"Sirui-", James was cut off when Siruis knocked him out. Lily screamed as Siruis slowly walked to her. She quickly ran upstairs.

"Come out. Better with me than the dark lord", he taunted. Lily picked up Harry and held him close. She was in an dead end.

Siruis walked into the nursery. Lily screamed as Siruis rose his wand. "Ava", he was cut off when James punched him on the nose.

"Come on, let's go", he shouted. James and Lily ran out, Lily still holding Harry. They apparated to the Burrow and Molly calmed Lily down.

James relised Peter was going to be killed and quickly tried to search for him. James was horrified when he witnessed Siruis kill Peter and 12 muggles.

Siruis was captured and James apparated to the Burrow. He copllapsed when he saw the burrow was destroyed. Wails were clearly heard.

He ran in and saw Molly and Arthur crying. He saw Lily in shock, and Harry was an scar on his forehead. Harry James Potter, had survived the killing curse from Lord Voldermort.

All of Molly and Athur's children were okay and James wondered why Lily, Molly, Arthur and the kids were not murdered as well.

Nobody has found out why Siruis attacked James and Lily that night. No one except him and the dark lord.


Harry woke up and looked at his watch. It was Seven O'clock. He got up and went to the showers. He got changed and burshed his teeth.

He went to the common room and waited for his two friends to get ready. Hermione was second, and Ros was last.

The trio walked to the Great Hall and an blonde boy interupted them. "Look who it is. Poor Red and Scar face", the boy mocked. All his goons laughed.

"Is that the best you can come up with", Harry asked. "Shut up you filthy mudblood", the boy snapped. Harry and Ron was raged.

Ron was about to punch him and Harry held him back. "Leave it Ron, he isn't worth it", Harry told his best friend.

"What is an mudblood", Hermione asked. "Someone who is an muggleborn. Only the snobby and rich Syltherns call them that", Harry explained.

They east Breakfast and were given their time table. History of Magic was first. They got lost on the way and managed to find it.

Proffesor Binns was going on no stop. He was boring, and the only who was full awake was Hermione, who was copying the notes down.

"Hermione", Harry whispered. "What". "How can you stay awake", Harry asked. Hermione shrugged. She continued to write.

The rest of the day went in great. The only downfall was when it was Potions with Servues Snape. Snape mocked Harry about his fames.

He then started to ask questions that only advanced students would study. Hermione's hand went up at each question, but he kept asking Harry.

Harry snapped. "Look, Snuffles, Just shut up", Harry kicked at the desk, causing an potion to fall down and crash, turning everyone's hair red. Ron's was even brighter.

Harry stormed off, and Ron and Hermione chased after him. TOBECONTINUED

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