The Sun Of Moon is an friends fanfic.Rachel finds out the shocking truth about her co-workers when she goes into the basement.

One Basement

"I need to go to work,Honey",Rachel kissed her boyfriend Ross in the head."I will miss you",Pleaded Ross."I will miss you.Are you and the guys coming down",She asked him."Yeah",Ross got up and kissed Rachel on the lips.

"Bye",Rachel walked out of the apartment,Not noticeing someone behind her."Boo",Joey cried out and Rachel gave out an scream.Ross and Monica rushed out and saw what was going on."What's happened",Ross worriedly asked her.

"Joey happened",Rachel gave Joey a small slap on the face and walked away."She is scared of anything now",Joey joked,But saw Ross and Monica were already inside."Okay,Chandler",Joey shouted to his best friend.

Rachel opened the door and got in Central Perk,And noticed she and Gunther were the only ones in."Rach,Can you go into the basement and grab me an apron",He asked."Sure,But why is it doing in there",Rachel asked him."I put it in the wrong place,Sorry",He apologised."It's okay",Rachel smiled and she walked to the basement

"Don't Pannic",Rachel whispered as she searched for the lights.It was so dark she could hardly see a thing."There",She switched on the lights and saw an body on the floor."AHHHH",Rachel screamed and then she tripped over something else.

There was Donna,Her co-worker,Who was eating the remains of an body."What the",Rachel asked and Donna looked around.She smiled evily and pointed at her."Help me",Rachel screamed as Donna grabbed onto her.

Meanwhile,Gunther heard the screams and dropped the cup he was cleaning.He ran straight to the basement and saw Donna,Who was smileing."Get away from her",Gunther shouted.However,Donna picked up an knife and threw it right at Gunther.It hit him right in the head,Which resuted in him falling downstairs."GUNTHER",Rachel screamed.

Gunther woke up after what seemed like hours,But only five minutes."What the",He asked and saw that Donna was putting Rachel in an cuboard."Get off her",Gunther shouted and he jumped on Donna.She just looked up at him and smiled."Boys",She teased.Just then,A couple of their other co-workers,Terry,Noel and Harry.

Gunther got up and tried to open the cuboard,But Noel punched him in the back.Terry walked up to Gunther and spat on his face.Befour he knew what was happening,They all dived in for an bite everywhere.You see,We are cannibles",Donna moaned.

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