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The Suspect is an 2013 violent action thriller film directed by Phillip Noyce. This films stars Dakota Fanning, Mark Wahlberg and January Jones with Liev Schreiber and Sean Bean.


It is Dakota Fanning's turn does a sort of Charles Bronson in Death Wish as 17 year old girl is framed by her family's murder and she is only suspect who saw Detective (Mark Wahlberg)'s wife (Januray Jones) was raped by ex-cop (Sean Bean). Now she is on the run with the police look for her.



  • Dakota Fanning as Rachel Winter/17 year old girl who was framed and she on the run
    • Samantha Bailey as Young Rachel Winter
  • Mark Wahlberg as Robert Stein/A Detective
  • January Jones as Katie Stein/Robert's wife who was raped by Ryan
  • Liev Schreiber as Luke Winter/Rachel's uncle and Detective
  • Sean Bean as Ryan Keaton/A ex-cop
  • Daniella Monet as Samantha Stein/Robert and Katie's 17 year old daughter
  • Ellen Wroe as Ally Richmond/Rachel's best friend
  • Bryce Cass as Leon Lockwind
  • Bianca Lawson as Hailey Lawton
  • Harrison Ford as Thomas Hanson
  • Donnie Wahlberg as Chris Winter/Rachel and Cami's father
  • Naomi Watts as Mary Winter/Rachel and Cami's mother
  • Elle Fanning as Cami Winter/Rachel's sister


Rachel saw Katie was raped by ex-cop, Ryan KeatonEdit

  • Rachel: Katie, Katie.
  • Rachel: You are miss Robert was talk about his best friend and my uncle.
  • (Katie sigh)
  • Rachel: What wrong.
  • Katie: That fucker.
  • Rachel: Robert.
  • Katie: No.
  • Rachel: Who the fucker is.
  • Katie: Ryan Keaton.
  • Rachel: Ex-cop, why he.
  • Katie: He wanted me to kill Robert but I tell no and that end of it, OK.
  • Rachel: I wait for you.
  • Katie: Come on, Ryan, get your phone.
  • (Ryan walk)
  • Rachel: Oh no.
  • Ryan: Hello, Katie.
  • Katie: Oh no, you fucker.
  • (Ryan attack Katie)
  • (Ryan punch Katie)
  • Ryan: You fucking motherfucker don,t wanted to kill her fucking husband.
  • Ryan: Get in the car.
  • Katie: No.
  • Rachel: Holy shit.
  • Ryan: Get in the fucking car.
  • (Ryan and Katie go in the car)
  • Rachel: Oh shit.
  • (Rachel drive the car and follow Ryan)

Rachel escape from prisonEdit

  • Thomas: I know this is not easy to you.
  • Rachel: I don,t care about your stupid bullshit.
  • Thomas: For last fucking time, why you kill your family, your mum, your dad and your sister.
  • (Rachel shot at a detective
  • (Rachel shot at Thomas in the leg)
  • Thomas: FUCK.
  • (Rachel shot at detective 6 time)
  • (Rachel grab Thomas in the arm)
  • (Rachel hold the gun to Thomas)
  • Rachel: Listen to me, you fucking idiot, do you know Ryan Keaton.

The police chase Rachel with Katie are come and club shootingEdit

  • (Door open)
  • (Katie scream)
  • Rachel: Katie.
  • Katie: Stay away from me.
  • Rachel: Who told you, Mr fucker.
  • Katie: Robert.
  • Rachel: Yes.
  • Rachel: Listen to me, I did not kill my family.
  • Katie: Who did.
  • Rachel: Ryan Keaton.
  • Katie: Who rape me.
  • Rachel: This fucker kill my family and rape you.
  • Katie: Be careful of the police look for you.
  • Rachel: I know what I doing.
  • Rachel: You are come with me.
  • Katie: What.
  • Rachel: Do it.
  • Katie: I can,t.
  • Rachel: You said, you wanted to kill Ryan.
  • Katie: How.
  • Rachel: After the rape.
  • Katie: OK.
  • Katie: Rachel, how Robert and your uncle found out.
  • Rachel: Where they are.
  • Katie: In the street, look for you.
  • Rachel: Come on.
  • (Rachel grab Katie in the arm)
  • (Door open)
  • (Rachel saw Ryan in the club)
  • Rachel: Ryan.
  • Katie: Ryan is in the club.
  • Rachel: Come on.
  • Rachel: Nobody watch us.
  • Katie: Rachel.
  • Rachel: What, is the fucking detective.
  • Katie: Yes.
  • Robert: Stop.
  • (Robert run)
  • Rachel: Shit.
  • (Rachel open the door and lock the door)
  • Robert: Open the fucking door, you fucking motherfucker.
  • Rachel: Fuck you, Robert.
  • Rachel: Come on.
  • (Rachel and Katie run)
  • Katie: Nobody will get out.
  • Rachel: Yes, to read my shit.

Robert is kidnapped and The shooting scene in building when Rachel and Katie find RobertEdit

  • Samantha (talk Robert in the mobile): You can,t find Rachel.
  • Robert: She got Katie.
  • Samantha: Mum wanted to help her.
  • Robert: How you know that.
  • Samantha: I hear her, she say, she will get revenge in the hospital.
  • Ryan: Hello, Robert.
  • Katie: Rachel, look.
  • Rachel: Robert.
  • Robert: You fucker.
  • (Ryan punch Robert in the stomach)
  • (Ryan take Robert's body in the car)
  • (Ryan drive the car)
  • Samantha: Dad.
  • (One of Ryan's four men punch Robert in the face)
  • Robert: You fucker.
  • (One of Ryan's four men punch Robert in the stomach 2 time)
  • Robert: Motherfucker.
  • (One of Ryan's four men punch Robert in the nose)
  • Robert: Asshole.
  • (One of Ryan's four men punch Robert in the back)
  • Robert: (Groan), YOUR FUCKING IDIOT.
  • Rachel: Here Ryan's car.
  • Katie: In the building.
  • Rachel: Nobody know that.
  • (Rachel and Katie run)
  • Katie: I am help you.
  • Rachel: Why.
  • Katie: I go to kill that fucker.
  • Rachel: OK, you are in.
  • Katie: Thank.
  • Ryan: Who I am.
  • Robert: You are fucking motherfucker idiot who fuck my wife and fucking kidnapped me, asshole.
  • (Ryan punch Robert in the stomach 9 time)
  • (Robert groan)
  • (One of Ryan's four men walk and look at the worker)
  • (Rachel shot at One of Ryan's four men)
  • (The worker shocked)
  • (The worker walk to get out of the building)
  • (Rachel open the door and put the bomb)
  • Ryan: Shit.
  • (Explosion)
  • Ryan: Get her.
  • (Ryan's three men shot but miss at Rachel and Katie)
  • Ryan (talking in the mobile): I wanted all of men to kill Rachel and Katie.
  • (Ryan's six men shot but miss at Katie)
  • (Katie shot two of Ryan's six men)


  • 120 mins
  • Very strong language, violence, 1 very violent rape scene and flashing images

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