The Travels Of Bobby & Ray is a 1988 American Coming of age boyhood film written by Takeshi Kitano and directed by Alan Thicke.

It stars Leonardo Di Caprio, Nicholas Brendon, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Blythe Danner, Kevin Bacon, Pierce Brosnan, Tony Shalhoub, Bonnie Hunt, Ving Rhames, Don Cheadle, Pam Grier and Jodie Foster.


Two young twelve year old boys from different families with different backgrounds but from the same fictional Minnesota town Factory Work take off on their raft through the Factory Work Woods to cross the never been crossed Yerling River, and have the native living Zimaue tribe sign a document stating the town area to which the boy's treehouse is situated is sacred land and therefore should not be renovated as it is planned.

The boys set off is threatened by one's older drug involved abusive brothers whom are wishing for a large Pharmacy to be built on the land which will be run by their out of town drug suppliant.


  • Leonardo Di Caprio as 12 Year old Bobby Carllahoue
  • Nicholas Brendon as 12 Year Old Ray Fendersmile
  • Robin Williams as 31 Year Old Bobby Carllahoue
  • Tom Hanks as 31 Year Old Ray Fendersmile
  • Isabella Rossellini as Post Office Prudence "Prue" Carllahoue
  • Blythe Danner as Jennifer "Jenny" Fendersmile
  • Kevin Bacon as Thomas "Tommy" Fendersmile
  • Pierce Brosnan as Coastguard Yarnley Blympton
  • Tony Shalhoub as Bentley "Bent-Break" Fendersmile
  • Bonnie Hunt as Helena Carllahoue
  • Ving Rhames as Buckawiga/ Chief's Bodyguard
  • Don Cheadle as Chief Kumbanaraja
  • Pam Grier as Attorney Frances Gorman/ Chief Kumbanaraja's long lost daughter and liasion for Factory Work's Mayor Kilkos
  • Jodie Foster as Coastguard Gillian Norris
  • Giancarlo Esposito as Mayor Burroughs Kilkos
  • Kevin Sorbo as Doctor Daniel Blackberry M.D
  • Matt Frewer as Medical Examiner Carl Greenbury
  • Angela Bassett as Nurse Farlette Werning/ Chief Kumbanaraja's believed dead daughter
  • Amanda Bearse as Post Office Patricia
  • Patricia Heaton as Nurse Wendy Chalkins
  • Sarah Wayne Callies as Minnie Carllahoue
  • Colin Hanks as Raymond "Ray" Carllahoue


  • Rock Your Baby- George McCrae
  • Love Is In The Air- John Paul Yong
  • Night Fever- Bee Gees
  • Dancing Queen- ABBA (Song is played on Bobby & Ray's old love radio which used to belong to Ray's father back when he wasn't a criminal drug addict, was a radio he would doll songs out of to his mother Jennifer. The song is also played at the end following the signing of the document and his mother's acceptance the injuries Ray has sustained are indeed from his brothers. Ray turns the song on which is playing on the radio to help ease his mum as she makes the call reporting what they have done.)
  • I Love The Night Life- Alicia Bridges (Segments of the song are sung by Bobby and Ray in a scene)
  • Last Dance- Donna Summer (Song played as Tom Hanks embraces Isabella Rosselini, Colin Hanks and Sarah Wayne Callies in a hug which ends the film.)
  • Macho Man- Village People (Song played following Bobby & Ray singing the song on their hike.)
  • Disco Inferno- The Tramps (Song sung by the Zimaue tribe with Bobby & Ray.)

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