Harry Potter. Harry, Ginny and an unknown person travels to a alternate universe. Harry/Ginny


Harry James Potter rolled his eyes as his uncle and aunt were arguing with the headmistress from the school Dudley was in. Dudley had been caught sniffing cocaine, but his relatives were outraged that 'their dudley was blamed'.

He was too busy thinking about the events of his sixth year. Albus Dumbledore, the most powerful wizard, was murdered by the one he trusted with his life, Severus Snape.

Harry had only just recently found out about the horcruxes, a object that can make one person immoratl after murdering someone. The person who made that was Voldermort.

Harry put down the book he was reading, and fell on top of his bed.

I wish, i wish the prophecy wasn't made, and my parents were still alive, and i had siblings and lived a normal life.

Little did Harry know, his wish had came true overnight.

Harry awoke the next day, to a more comfortable bed. He opened his eyes in alarm, and to his horror, he relised he was in a different room than the Dursleys.

Harry looked around the room, and paled. The painting was deep blue, and Harry saw posters of the Quittich team, The Hog's Broom.

Harry quickly grabbed his wand, and looked around the room. There was books scatter around, and Harry saw his ropes for Hogwarts. Only this time, Harry was in for a shock.

He had the ravenclaw uniform. Not even a death eater would be this dense to think i was in ravenclaw, Harry thought.

Harry looked up, and saw a potrait. He saw him, Neville Longbottom, and Padme Patil.

Harry relised he must be in a different universe, and the door opened. Harry looked up, and saw James Potter, the man in his photo albums.

"Oh, Harry. You're up. Get changed, we are going to Diagen Alley today", and he left. Harry was in shock, but quickly got over it and changed his clothes after having a shower.

Harry walked downstairs, and saw his mother. Lily Potter nee Evans, was making a fry up for her family. Harry was close to tears.

His wish had came true. He could live a normal life, a life he longed for since he relised what family meant.

"Good morning", she smiled when she saw him. "Rose is still asleap, i take it", she asked. Harry could only nod. He had a sister.

Just then, James and a red haired girl came in. The girl looked up, and Harry relised she looked like an exact clone like Lily.

"Hello dear brother of mine", she mocked, and James laughed. Lily, however, gave her a lecture on how to be nice to her brother.

Harry said nothing as he continued through his food. He had to know what school year he was in, but he had to avoid beind suspicious.

"And Harry. You better study hard, this is your N.E.W.T's you are taking. I know you are distant because of what happened to Ginny being sent to Azkaban", Lily said.

Harry nearly chocked on his food. Ginny was in Azkaban, which meant he and Ginny were good friends until the chamber of secrets incident. She must have been framed.

Meanwhile, the same Ginny Weasley awoke, and she nearly screamed when she relised where she was. She looked up and saw a mirror, and was horrified.

Her once beautiful red hair was now a greyish hair it made her look like an old hag. She had dark rings under her eyes, and she looked like a skeleton.

"Merlin", she whispered as she collasped. She then heard a dementor coming nearby, and she soon fell into her worst memorys.

"You foolish girl", Tom Riddle mocked as he arose from the diary. Ginny could only look on in horror as Riddle jumped in top of her, and opened her mouth.

Ginny was running, along with Ron and Luna. "Stupefy", Luna was heard saying, and Ginny turned around. A Death Eater had nearly murdered Ron.

Ginny soon fainted, as more and more memory's came up and she could take no longer. Her last thought was how she had gotten there.

Chapter OneEdit

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