The Truth is an friends and assassin's creed crossover.When Ross discovers he is an assassin,He and an group of people aptempt to solve the truth of what is going on.

One Package

Ross Geller was in his room,Stareing at the mirror.He is going to dinner with the Green family.Aparantly,His father and Leonard Green agree to pick him and Rachel Green for marriage."Brother",Came his sister from outside door."Mr.Green is outside",Monica let out an sigh.She wished she would never get married with Leonard's son,Joey Tribbiani.Leonard had adopted him when he was discovered fourteen years ago,All alone.

"Okay",Ross walked out of the room and saw his sister.They both shaked hands as this will be the last time they would see each other.Just then,Their father,Jack came running in with an package."Get this to Mr.Brown,Now",He shouted."How",Ross and Monica both asked."Just do it",Jack gave it to them."I will explain,Later",Jack walked out of the room in an pannic state."He seems worried",Monica was the first to speak."We should go to Gunther Brown",Ross knew Gunther.He was an friend to the family.

Ross and Monica walked out of their castle,And saw an group of men and woman running away."What the hell",Ross muttered.Just then,An blacksmiths shop exploded,Which resulted in an couple of people getting killed."What the fuck",Ross shouted.Just then,They saw an group of men,Killing the people with swords."Come on",Ross shouted to Monica.He and Monica decided to go to Gunther's so they can deliver the package.

Ross and Monica were running among the chaos,Just then another explosion occured,Which killed another group of people."Come one",Ross held onto Monica and they were running along with the screaming people.

They managed to get to Gunther's house and Ross was knocking on the door as fast as he could.Gunther opened the door and smiled,But his smile fell when he saw what was going on."Here is an Package",Ross gave Gunther the package."What is happening",He asked."We don't know"-,But he was cut off when he heard an scream come from inside."What is",Ross asked and then an terrified woman pushed Gunther out off the way."I'm Rachel Green",She hugged Ross.

Just then,Gunther got up and tackled Ross to the ground."Come here",He pointed an knife at Rachel and Monica.Just then,Ross got up and grabbed an nearby knife and stabbed him in the leg.Gunther quickly fell down and Ross got up.He grabbed the girls and they started to run."Oh my god",Rachel screamed as more men were getting killed or killing.Ross then saw his father and mother at the top of their castle.

"Father,Mother",Ross and Monica cried out.Judy looked down and then at Jack."Jack,The kids",Judy pointed at them.Just then,An man came from the loft and looked at them in the eye."Now",Jack shouted and he fell down along and grabbed Judy along the way.Monica vomited when Ross stared at the bodys."Oh my god,It is happening",Rachel whispered."What is",Ross asked.He wanted to know why they killed themselves."The ones who came befour are coming",Rachel collapsed and Ross stared up at the sky."NOOOO",He screamed into the air.

Two Buisness

"The ones befour had fought with the assassin's,So they were nearly wiped out",Rachel explained to Ross and Monica."How does that mean my father rather killed himself than fought",Ross asked."Don't you get it.He was an assassin",Rachel then turned away.She didn't want to look at the the broken family."But,That means they are trying to kill us for something",Ross could not believe this was going on.Monica was in shock and was not speaking after the death of her parents.

"I know it is hard.But we need to get to this woman",Rachel pointed at an picture of an blonde girl."Who is she",Ross asked."Phoebe Buffay.She is an assassin.I heard my father talk about her.She could tell us the answers",Rachel knew this stuff better than them,And she wasn't an assassin."Okay,But how are we going to get their without getting noticed by those who came befour",Ross asked."And who are they",Ross's head was buzzing with questions not answered.

"We need to blend in with the crowd",Rachel knew what she was talking about.She did it when she stole an apple from an very angry woman."Look,Just follow my lead",And with that,Rachel left the building."Come",Ross said to his sister.She still wasn't talking.

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