Harry Potter. Harry had an twin, Lily and James survived. Ian Potter is the boy who lived.

Chapter 1, Prolouge

Harry would never forgive his parents, for what they had done to him. He had been shunned from them all because of his twin.

One Halloween night, Lord Voldermort came in the cottage in Godric's Hallow. James and Lily Potter were having an meeting, and an squib named Arabella Figg was looking after them.

Figg was instantly killed by the Lord, who came into the nursery. He raised his wand, wondering what one was the boy who lived.

Harry wished Voldermort had killed him, instead of Ian. This was when the problem started. The Killing curse backfired and hit Voldermort instead.

All was left was an scar like an lightening bolt on Ian's head.

Their parents never had been prouder of Ian, and sometimes forgot Ian had an twin. Harry's busy time was reading books.

He never showed signs of magic, and Lily feared he would be an squib. James, however, thought that he always knew he was an waste of time and wasn't bothered.

The next day, Harry got up and relised there was an birthday party. There was an banner saying Ian Potter, and the other saying Harry Potter.

Harry wasn't surprised that he only had five presents and Ian had twenty. An owl came in with two envelopes. Both were Hogwart's letters.

Harry was surprised, so was his mother and father. That weekend, they got their ropes and stuff. Harry got an owl, whom he named Hedwig.

To his surprise, he got an cat from James. It was black, with an mixture of gingerness. Harry called the female cat Elma.

They arrived on the train, and to no surpirse from Harry, he hadn't got an goodbye from James or Lily. Harry went off to find an compartment.

He found one with an red haired boy, looking out at the feilds. "Can i come in", Harry asked. The boy turned around. "Sure".

"I'm Ron Weasley, who are you", Ron asked. "Harry Potter", Harry admitted. "You mean, the twin of the boy-who-is-an-jerk", Ron said. Harry laughed.

Ron had saw Ian befour Harry arrived, and said he reminded him of an malfoy. Speak of the Devil, Draco Malfoy comes in.

"Is it true that the potter twins are here", he said. Harry nodded. "I'm Draco Malfoy". Ron sniggered. "Think my name is funny, do you. No need to ask for you're name, you're an Weasley. Father says there poor".

However, Ron never reacted. Harry did. He got up, and punched the blonde. Malfoy and his goons ran off.

Hermione Granger came in the compartment, asking for an toad that was missing. Hermione became friends with them, and soon enough, Nevile did as well.

They saw Hagrid, who told them four on an boat. The four of them got on an boat near Hagrid. Harry turned around and saw Ian and Malfoy talking.

They arrived and were told about the four houses. They were in line, and Hermione was nervous. So was Harry and Ron and the other first years.

Hermione was sorted into Ravenclaw. "No surprise there", Ron whispered. Harry nodded. Harry was called and the hat was place above him.

You have the traits of Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Slythern. However, you are best suited for RAVENCLAW.

Harry joined Hermione. Ian's turn was next, and people were surprised and shocked when he was sorted into Slythern. Harry tried to hide his laughter at his brother's face.

Ron was sorted into Ravenclaw, along with Nevile. "Oh well, at least it isn't bad", Ron said. Nevile agreed.

They were led up to their dorms, and Harry instantly fell asleap.

Chapter 2, Howlers and Three Headed Dogs

Harry wrote an letter to his parents, as Ian wouldn't. He was excited as he wrote the letter, finaly getting his brother into trouble for the very first time.

Dear, Mum and Dad

How are you. I was sorted into Ravenclaw, and made friends with Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger and Nevile Longbottom. Ian was sorted into Sylthern, and me, like the rest of the hall, was in shock. Anyway tell me what has happened while we were gone.

Lily screamed as she read the letter. She gave it to James, who looked as if he was going to faint. "How dare he go to that slimey house".

The next week, things were getting on fine. Thankful for Hermione, she managed to keep the three boys up to date with their homework, and told them were their classes were.

During Breakfest, Harry was eating his cereal when he noticed Hedwig. Instead of flying over to him, she flyed over to Ian.


HOW COULD AN SON OF AN MUGGLEBORN GET SORTED THERE, Also, Harry, at least you are at an decent house", the voice of James Potter and Lily at the end was heard.

Ian looked at the letter, and bursted into tears. All the Sylthern's laughed and he ran away, not daring to face them.

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