a fanfic of Wow Wow Wubbzy, and if you tell anyonoe about this, rattle your talk page


Wubbzy suddenly feels like he has too many tasks dumped on him, and he cant do it all at once, so Widget put Wubbzy in Widget's new cloning chamber, and creates a clone wubbzy, but the clone wubzy goes overboard and does helpful things when they were not needed, so they need to recombine the two wubbzys, and eventually they do, but then a clone kooky guy goes througbh the city, and Wubby says, Here We Go again


Grey DeLisle as Wubbzy, Kooky guy, clone Kooky guy

Kath Soucie as Lady #2, Lady #4

Tara Strong as Daisy, Lady #1, Lady# 3

Lara Jil Miller as Widget, Lady #5

Carlos Alazraqui as Walden, Unsuspecting guy #1, Guy #2, Guy #3

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