"We are a team and we Stand Tall, Becuase All For One, And One For All"

CO Universe/Cover Earth-315

This story takes place after the Ultra Avengers and the Justice League Heroes have defeat there evils. A portal opens when they said, "The battle between good and evil is over." As they five members of each team stepped in and entered the CO Universe. And when they first met they were fighting each other thinking that each side is the bad side. but Monster stopped the fight and told them and about their problem. And the only way to return was to defeat Dark Void. So they decided to join sides and become The Ultra Avengers/Justice League Heroes.


  • Monster
  • Solarisa
  • Marvel
  • DC

Founders of the UA/JLH

  • Jake Rogers: Captain Phoenix
  • Cole Kent: Suprmeman
  • Rai Odinson: Rai
  • Micheal Irons: Titanium
  • Donny Howlett: Howl
  • Nathan Wayne: The Bat
  • Ben Parker: The Spider
  • Ben Reyes: Navy Insect
  • Gabe Murdock: Ghostdevil
  • Sasha Queens: Green Canary


  • Dark Void
  • Blackhole
  • Dark Marvel
  • Dark DC

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