The Undead is an film that features the friends characters fighting the undead.When The zombies smash in Monica's apartment,The Friends manage to escape and they are left hopeless when learning that New York has been overran by the undead.


Chandler is having sex with Monica and he tells her he has to go to work.When he does,He notices that all his co-workers are sick so he skips the day off.Meanwhile,Ross is teaching an class which has only a few pupils in it.Then,An Girl named Jessica bites the person next to her,So everyone trys to run and Ross and another teacher,Joni,Hide in the closet while the school is overran by zombies.

Phoebe is given an massage to Rachel,And she hears banging noises coming from next door.Rachel gets dressed and Phoebe answers,And an man jumps on her and trys to bite her.Rachel pushes the man off and they run out in the hall.

Monica waits on Chandler coming home when he calls her to say he is coming home.Monica then hears screams and runs over to Joey's.Joey comes out and says his girlfriend,Michelle,Is an zombie.Michelle is wearing no clothes and trys to eat them both,But they run to Monica's.

Chandler witnesses an car explodiong and several people eating other people.Chandler runs to his apartment and finds Michelle.Chandler climbs out an window and heads to Monica's kitchen window.Monica and Joey help him get in.

Two Student zombies know that Ross and Joni are in the closet,And they try to get in.Joni opens the door and She and Ross push back the zombies and run off to Ross's office.When they get in,Ross phones Rachel to ask for help.

Rachel and Phoebe are running and Rachel gets an phonecall from Ross.Rachel says she is hideing with Phoebe in Phoebe's house.Ross asks her to phone Monica.Rachel phones Monica and she answers.Monica tells them to get to Monica's.

Chandler,Monica and Joey then open the door and let Michelle in.Chandler has an knife and he stabs Michelle in the head.They then see Rachel and Phoebe running and they let them in.They tell them that Ross is trapped at school.

Ross and Joni sneak out the window and Ross asks Joni if she wants to go with him.Joni says no as she is going to check on her mother and they part ways.Ross steals an car,And drives off to Monica's,Running over several zombies.

Ross runs to Monica's and finds Michelle's body in the hallway.Ross enters and they all hide out.The next day,Monica turns on the tv and they are all shocked to find out that New York is no more as people around the world believe that New York is just infected with something.

Rachel bursts out crying when they hear zombies trying to get in.They run to Chandler and Monica's bedroom when the zombies manage to get in.Phoebe says that they escape down the fire escape and then head to Rachel's parent's mansion,As they will be heavily protected.

When they do,An zombie smashes in and bites Monica in the arm.However,She hides this and runs to the gang.They then run over to Phoebe's taxi and find the keys in it.They drive the car to the mansion.Joey and Phoebe are still awake.They witness an five year old getting eaten by her own mother and father.

When they get there,They notice the gates are closed.They then find an couple of survivors running up to the gate and they are let through.Rachel finds out her father is turning and her mother is in France.

Rachel has an last minute with her father.He turns and trys to eat Rachel,But Ross and Mark,The leader of the group,Save her and Mark shoots Leonard in the head.Rachel cries and that night,She and Ross sleap together.

Phoebe wakes up one night and hears Mark and his wife Becca and learns that they and their group are going to open the gate and let the zombies inside.Phoebe runs off to tell Joey and Chandler.However,She then finds an undead Monica and Phoebe screams.

Ross and Rachel hear the screams and Ross runs off to find who it is.He then finds his sister as an zombie and is in shock.When she is about to eat him,Chandler asks what is going on.Monica turns around and Chandler collapes.

Joey grabs an pistol and shoots Monica right in the head.They all start argueing and Rachel reveals she is pregnant.Ross says he does not want anything to do with the baby and leaves.Then,He looks out the window and finds out that Mark is opening the gate.

He runs to tell the others and to his horror,The zombies are in the mansion.Phoebe,Rachel and Joey leave out the back while Chandler looks for Ross.He finds Ross and then an zombie maid attacks them.Ross shouts to Joey that he runs away as he is getting eaten.

Chandler runs off to the others and reveals his fate,leading all the Gellers but Rachel's unborn child extinct.The four leave and they manage to get Phoebe's taxi.They drive off and think off what to do.

Phoebe then drops off at her brothers place and finds an note on the door.It turns out that Frank Jr,Alice and the children have fled to marple street,The only street that can get them out off New York.

They all run to Marple street and find out that the next helicopter will be coming in an hour.To their horror,They see fast running zombies smashing in the gates and they manage to escape.However,When Chandler gets on,An zombie manages to get on,And it bites Chandler.

Joey trys to fend off the zombie and pushes it out and Chandler is about to kill himself.Joey asks why,And he says his wife and brother in law are dead and then he jumps out the helicopter.

Phoebe cries and they find themselve in Florida.Nine Months later and Rachel is given birth to an healthy baby girl.She names her Monica Ross Chandler Geller Green.Phoebe falls in love with Joey and the two get married and have twins,Named Ross and Chandler.

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