The Undead Vampire is an Novel about an Vampire looking to feed and get an soul mate.He has an target for his soul mate and one of her friends discover who he really is.See also Vampire (Undead Universe)


The year is 2001.It is Brian and Penelope's wedding and they are at the reception.Brian then enter's the bathroom and talks to Harry,His best friend.It is revealed that they are vampires.Brian says he will get Penelope as an vampire in 2005,When it is full moon so he can have her as an soul mate.

Their friends Rachel,Noel and Vera watch as the newly wed are going to their honeymoon.Harry says to Rachel if she want's to go out with him.She says no as she is now going out with Noel,Which Harry thinks it's heartbreaking.

One day,Vera is at an shop looking for supernatural books when she stumbles across the Black Book (Undead Universe).She finds about all about witches,Wizards,Werewolves and then stumbles accross the Vampire section.The shopkeeper,Michelle,Tells Vera that she is an gypsy and her family has been fighting the vampires back in 1490.It is revealed that one of the girls in her family turned into an vampire,And the family had an hated for vampires.

Vera reads it and Harry knotices it and is shocked,And he phones Harry.Harry says that his father was meant to have destroyed all the books.Penelope discovers this,But Harry says that it was just his old porn magazines when he was a child.

Vera gets more and more desparate when she finds out that Brian and Harry are vampires.Harry slips an drug in her coffee and she and Noel sleap together but Rachel finds out and chucks them out.

Vera tellsNoel who believes her and the two to an research on the vampires.They then discover about the full moon and it is now 2005.They run as they find out the full moon is today.Rachel tells Harry she does not love him like the way he does to her,But he drags her up the wall and starts cutting her up,Making her having an miscarrage.He then finds Michelle looking at him and it turns out that Michelle is an witch.The two fight and Michelle is throwen of the banister and killed.

Vera and Noel find Rachel and they escape from an possessed Michelle.They manage to get in the plane where Harry and Penelope are going to France.They manage to jump in and all most in an second,Harry makes everone but them dead in the plane.

He spirals the plane out of control and is about to crash into the building.However,Penelope manages to escape and says she would rather die than live with him.The plane is about to crash into an building.An flying Brian,Being strong,Manages to make it turn around,But the tail crashes into the office,Sending the people who work their down to their deaths.The plane stops and Harry pushes Penelope out.

Penelope hangs on to the collapsing office while Noel and Vera fight the vampires.Harry strangles Noel but Vera manages to kill Brian by showing him to the sunlight.An explosion rattles the cockpit.Vera and Harry jump from the exploding plane and hang on to another office.They get up and manage to get Penelope to escape.However,Harry is still alive and continues to look for the three.

At an dead end,Vera tells the others to hide while she confronts Harry.The two fight and hang on as the building collapses and is about to fall into the ground.Amazinling,Brian is still alive and gets another to plane to crash into the building,But he dies along the way.Noel and Penelope escape from the destuction and the ashes go around new york.They escape to an cafe and everyone there stares outside.

Vera has managed to escape and is on an crane and manages to jump to another building.Harry chases her but she manages to push him from the roof.It is now One year later,They are stareing at Vera and Michelle's graves.Brian,Harry and other vampires are seen at the grave.They have survived.




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