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The Universe is a crossover-like 2008 superhero science-fiction film about the United States' economy going down and the world has to support America since America became the most poorest country. The film was directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Avi Arad and Steven Spielberg, written and created by Edward Norton and Erik Frillery. The film stars Erik Frillery as Tony Stark, Jr. / The Iron Decimator, Edward Norton as Bruce Banner / Hulk, William Hurt as General Thaddeus Ross, Robert Downey, jr. as Tony Stark, Sr. / Iron Man, Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts Stark, Bailey Trimble as Bailey Stark Trimble, Tim Roth as Emil Blonksy / Abomination, Liv Tyler as Betty Ross, Cassandra Mely as Michelle Engstrom, and Corilynn Woods as Carolynn Nelson.

The film is a crossover with Captain America (The Iron Decimator's suit), The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man. The film has said to be a Dystopian crossover film with William Hurt as the main character, but they changed the plot for the film and the sequel.


The film begins showing flashbacks of Bruce Banner's gamma radiation test, but a failure in it caused him to the "Hulk". Afterward's Tony and his son, Tony junior go to meet principal Johnston, the principal tells Stark Sr. that his son talks about weapons and bringing a weapon to school to show it off, but Stark Jr. says "...Too late for the truth now." and Stark Sr. replies "Seriously? Tell me why you want to bring a weapon to school", his son replies with "I want my friends and everyone else too see your weapons that you built." and after the meeting, Pepper was wondering why the office called, but Tony Jr. didn't say word, he was thinking about Michelle, and then the next day, Michelle and Tony Jr. walk to school together, they are talking about their personal life, and Tony brings up, "Will you go on a date with me?" she days yes, and after the date, and the first kiss, and after the five months of dating, Tony finds a suit owned by an old retired superhero named "The Iron Decimator". He puts the suit on, and becomes The Iron Decimator, but after so much destruction, Iron Man forced The Iron Decimator to leave the haven-like city.

Ten years later, Bruce has got control over his Hulk-state and married Betty about three years ago, and in the Wasteland's, The Iron Decimator comes back to Haven City. The Hulk is taking on the HulkKiller, a machine that is supposed to eliminate the Hulk, but fails, then the Hulkbusters come and try to defeat the Hulk, but failed again, and then The Iron Decimator takes on the Hulk, and wins, Emil, the Electron city section mayor gives Tony Jr. a metal in defeating the Hulk, the Hulk then runs off; and promises his revenge. Afterwards, Emil and General are working on a portal which will unlock cities, worlds, and universes, and welcoming our world to a new one, Emil finds a power city called, "Powerland", he enters and gets a power crave, soon Emil comes back, and wants to rule the states.

Michelle is 21 years-old, she is happily dating her boyfriend, Don Reage (future Dread-bot) and knows about Tony Jr., and soon she hears about Iron Decimator's return and she heads to The Iron Decimator's location and she heads to where Tony Jr. is and she finds him, and Stark Jr. sister, Bailey, she got married to Michael Trimble.

Then a news report says that only a few states are famous: Minnesota, New York, Wisconsin, and Michigan. California, Florida, Iowa, Washington, Maine, New Hampshire, and every state except for Minnesota, New York, Wisconsin and Michigan are the poorest states. The Iron Decimator heads to a local bar, Joe's Bar, and after drinking more than he can handle, he is hit by a car, and hospitalized.

Michelle goes to work the next day, and some guys come and start to hit on her, she says no, they don't take no as answer, then The Iron Decimator comes and says "Let her go!" they don't so he fights them off, seriously injuring them.

Meanwhile, Spiderman is attacked by a super-powerful super villain named, "Death Machine", a killer machine that will destroy earth, if possible. Spiderman attacks back, but is almost defeated in combat, than a superhero named Justice comes and helps defeat Death Machine, but, he retreats, and Spiderman has no idea where he is going.

Back in Survane city, Michelle is preparing a speech for the Iron Decimator and the mayor, and she says "This city is failing, and losing itself in the inferno outside the walls, and we have to protect them with strength, so, the men has a choice. They can choose Iron Decimator or the mayor, who can stay, and who can leave?" the men mostly vote for the mayor, but things get worse when, the Hulkbusters come with HulkKiller II, the Iron Decimator battles the bot, but the mayor chickens out and leaves everyone outside, and locks every door in the whole entire city, than the bot and the Iron Decimator battle, then the Hulk comes, and they both do some serious damage to the bot, and the Hulkbusters come in and try to exterminate the Hulk, but fail, they even try to kill the Iron Decimator, and the bot is destroyed when the Iron Decimator goes directly through it from the triple bulletproof-attack proof glass, and then the bot explodes. Then the mayor comes out with a very bad attitude, and then, he activates, HulkKiller III, a very powerful HulkKiller bot, and the third in the robotics franchise, and, he even injects supersoldier and the Hulk's blood into him, making stronger and more aggressive, they destroy the bot, but have a very hard time with his mutated-side, he destroys most of the city, and after a very destructive climatic battle between the three, the mutant dies and the film ends with Michelle giving the Iron Decimator a kiss on the lips.

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