Hell rider two edited-1

this is exactly what I want him to look like.

The Unknown Stranger is a man thought to be a myth to tell the origin of the name legend and superhero even though he is more an anti-hero. His real name is Syn West, a man who lost his family and trying to make the man responsible pay for his crimes, to see him go to where the real Lucifer lives, to see him go to hell, and nothing will stop him from getting to what hes suppose to do.


The Basics

  • Hair = Black
  • Eyes = Blue
  • Build = western
  • Height = 6,7
  • Weight = 1,5


Clothes / Armor

  • Mostly all black(like Johnny Cash).


  • give him a gun or give him a sword.


  • a black western hat(thats what he always wears, he also wears a bandanna.



he mostly likes bikes and parkour.


  • women, gunshooting, sheriff work.


  • being ignored or annoyed.


Marital Status

  • he is single


  • had a family, they died by the revenge of a serial killer named Jericho "Lucifer" Jonah, a man you would last 2 seconds with if cross with him.

Skills and Weaknesses

Physical Strengths

he has maxed agility, speed, and strength.

Skills and Education

he can blend into the shadows


he used to be afraid of the dark but when the bad stuff happened, that fear went to hell.



when he still had a family, he was greeted by a man who took him in his house for awhile, told Syn that when he comes in a few years, he will be changed from a normal kid to a hero.


many stuff happened with him, all his friends were killed in the crossfire, seeing people be raped, murdered, civilians going suicide, everything was going to hell, even the cops were to chicken, to insane to help, being the only one to stop the evil haunting, destroying his home, his search goes on with destruction and psyckos in his way.

Current status


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