Azazel's main body with his sword unsheathed.

A pair of red, slitted eyes opened slowly as the sandy-blonde haired Devil stared up the human sky. Blue with white clouds, just... hovering, with no direction or goal in mind. They merely drifted where the chaotic wind swept them. No more.

Azazel would bring order to the havoc humanity intoxicated themselves with, day in and day out. He closed his eyes once more and, upon opening them again, the slits dilated; becoming thinner and more feral. It was time to begin.

The high school Surion and Cide had been going to was in just another periodic routine of the day. Some were in the cafeteria, enjoying their lunch and chatting with their friends, mocking each other, loving each other, and mingling as humans did. As, even, Demons did. This disparage of existance would continue no longer in the eyes of the Dragon.

Azazel approached the high school's parking lot, where a two county police officers were stationed in case anything like what was about to happen happened. They looked at each other nervously as the kimono-wearing main body stepped toward the school nonchalantly, his bangs bouncing with each step of his clog-wearing feet.

One decided to step up, approaching the man "Hold on a sec there, man... You need a-" he stopped himself as he noticed a curious Katana sheathed at the man's side. Azazel had stopped but his red eyes merely drifted over to the officer in front of him, who dared to reach for his handcuffs "I'm going to have to ask that you drop that... sword... and get on the ground."

Azazel merely asked in a bored tone "You wish to detain me, human? You are ignorant of the true scale of things." The officer raised a brow "What are you saying, sir?"

Just then, he felt the holster holding his pistol open and his gun fly out, aiming precisely at the man's temple. The other policeman nearby trembled at the sight of this horrific spectacle. Azazel answered clearly and remorselessly "What I'm saying is... you're standing in your grave."

At this, the gun went off and the man's skull blew apart into small chips of bone and puddles of brain splattering along the grass and concrete. The second officer fumbled to get his gun out of its holster and aim it at the threatening devil, who was left uncovered by the blood which, somehow, flew directly past him. He turned with a sinister yet nonchalant stare at the other officer pointing his gun at him.

The officer slowly started to yell in fright and unloaded the firearm, shooting round after round at the Demon, who merely watched on as each bullet stopped in midair in front of him. The officer's sweat poured down his face in despair as the bullets turned around slowly, their tips poised for the one who fired them.

Blood sprayed the entire inside of the small police station that had, regularly, made the decision of which guests were allowed in the school or not. Both of these officers were now unquestionably dead. One had a missing head and the other had seven bullet holes in their body, one through their head.

Azazel walked forward as the day of the students in the school went on. The other bodies, as well, emerged from the nearby areas surrounding the school, be they the woods, the town, or the countryside.

Loud banging sounds were heard throughout the halls as each and every door, whether it was for a class or not, slammed loudly shut. Each one, upon being closed, had been locked. Some of the cafeteria staff tried to open the doors but were unnerved to find them locked completely.

Simultaneously, everyone throughout the school heard the sounds of funeral bells chiming as the main body of Azazel rung out "I seek out the one you know as Obi. Reveal to me his location, and your suffering will end. Resistance... is unwise." As he said this, the glass windows in the massive cafeteria all cracked until his sentence ended, in which they all shattered at once and the shards flew toward the ones closest to them, impaling them all. Azazel's sacrilege has begun.

The computer class felt a rumbling beneath their feet before a large row of desks were swallowed whole by a rising worm-like creature with red, slitted eyes dotting its body along with rows of razor-like spikes.

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