The Walls of the Insanity is the second album by Australian metalcore/death metal band Red Rose For Ruby (band). It was released on April 15 2009 nationally, and on August 2nd internationally.


The main theme of the second album is madness, and dealing with it. Most of the songs on the record incorporate this theme somehow, and Michael Serea said it took a long time to get out of the mind-numbing cycle of writing the songs.


Metalix once again reviewed Red Rose For Ruby in their second album: "The Walls of The Insanity is Red Rose For Ruby’s second jab at the metal music world. And it is as emotionally raw and beautifully crafted as their debut. The focus for this second album is insanity, and once again Serea speaks the lyrics as if he’d experienced them in real life. Backed by William’s bass and Cassidy’s guitar the band creates deep metal ballads with the same ingenuity and passion as My Dying Bride. Songs on this record are both weird and tear-jerking. With their third release set for next year I truly hope RRFR deliver another great metal record like they have done with their two others."

Track listing

  1. "Intro (Trapped)"- 5:00
  2. "Away With My Mind"- 5:45
  3. "The Walls of The Insanity"- 7:01
  4. "Break Away (From The Chains)"- 5:30
  5. "Insanita"- 6:50
  6. "Violet, Why Have You Abandoned Me?"- 4:55
  7. "Tartarus"- 7:52
  8. "Knives To My Flesh"-6:35
  9. "Drag Me"- 6:58
  10. "R.O.S.E."- 7:00
  11. "Vines of Madness"- 8:02
  12. "Outro (Loose My Mind)"- 9:45


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