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September 2009

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The Wanderer series

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Dark Horizon

The Wanderer is an upcoming Science-Fiction/Fantasy novella that will be written by Talix. It follows the journey of Taylor Carlisle, a mysterious young male who doesn't have a single clue about his past, but discovers he has extraordinary powers. He soon meets and at the end of the novella falls in love with Kristen Marks, a smart girl who seems to know anything. It is slated for a September release.


Taylor Carlisle, a mysterious young male, realizes he has no recollectlation about his past and question his whole life after spending four years at a orphange in Houston, Texas. Soon Taylor runsaway from the orphangae after unexpectedly discovering he has strange powers to move objects by his hands. He ecsapes the orphange and travels along I-10 to possibly learn clues about his past and the reason why he has these abilities. Soon, he vists a small town in Louisiana, Oakston; there he meets up with Kristen Marks, who has her own issues to deal with such as social problems to hang out with her friends. After a few days of distance between each other, Taylor and Kristen hangs out; meanwhile, she learns of his powers and he seeks her help to control them. After weeks of hanging out, Taylor falls in love with Kristen and tries to hold onto it while controlling his powers. However, another male who has similar abilites to Taylor's, Keith Lawson, stalks and tries to know more about Taylor's exsistence. There Taylor realizes Keith has the answers to questions he longed for, and in return Keith offers Taylor the truth about the existence of The Gatherers--beings who he and Taylor share the same powers-- and much more. But Taylor's obesession to learn about his mysterious past leads him into a major confrontation with Keith and his love for Kristen puts her in harm's way, thus forcing Taylor to make a painful choice, lose his potential love forever or lose the oppourtunity to learn past.

Main Characters

  • Taylor Carlisle He is the main protagonist; A young male approxmately seventeen years old who has no clue about his past, but discover he has powers. He tries to learn them with the help of a overworked bookworm, Kristen Marks. While he is struggling to control his powers, he falls in love with Kristen. However, another young male who has the same powers just like him; Taylor tries to figure more and more about his past.
    • Taylor's powers are consitsted Telekinesis, energy field, sense awareness, speed manipulation, and super strength.
  • Kristen Marks She is the other main protagonist of the book. She is seventeen years old and loves understanding the impossible. She is a constient bookworm and has a hard time hanging out with her friends. Her life seems to be over until she meets a stranger named Taylor Carlisle. They eventually become distant away from each other, yet later she discovers he has extraordinary powers and tries to help him control them. During that time, she falls in love with him.
  • Keith Lawson He is the main antagonist of the book, and has the same powers as Taylor. However, Keith has more experience with his powers and most occasionaly uses them for violence. Keith soon learns of Taylor's exsistence after a encounter during a town bar and realizes he has the same abilities as himself. Keith decides to do whatever he can to tell Taylor the truth about his past and a sudden connection between them while causing chaos.
    • Keith's powers are the same as Taylor's, but he has more powers in his control such as energy manipulation, flight, teleporation.

Minor Characters

  • Davis Hart Kristen's best friend, who always respect her decisions and usually hangs out with her.
  • Lindsey Walker Another of Kristen's best friends, who finds it diffcult to understand Kristen's social skills.
  • Jeremy Brown A rich kid at Kristen's school who before Taylor, she has feelings for.
  • Missy Kristen's rival and ex-friend who is currently Jeremy's girlfriend.
  • Mrs. Stewart A family friend and co-worker of Kristen's mom, she gives Kristen some helpful advice.
  • Jacob Marks Kristen's ten-year-old brother.
  • Lisa Marks Kristen's mother.
  • Eric Marks Kristen's father.
  • Mr. Odgen A fellow townfolk who has a reptuable legacy in Oakston knowing everything about Oakston.


The story focus around the fictional town of Oakston, Louisiana. The inspiration of the primary setting is based of the real-life town Oak Grove, Louisiana fact the author lives in Louisiana and cited he wants a locale he went to when he was a kid and figures it would be perfect for the book's location.

Structure and genre

The Wanderer falls under the genre of young adult, sci-fi, fantasy, and romance. The structure is focus on the third-person perspective.


The Wanderer: Dark Horizon

The Wanderer: Dark Horizon is the sequel to The Wanderer and the second book in The Wanderer series. Dark Horizon takes place a year after the events of the first book and follows series protagonist Taylor Carlisle as he left Oakston and Kristen to learn more about his past and the existence of The Gatherers. However, Taylor's journey leads him around the world as he meets a vigilante Gatherer named Nina, faces off with The Gatherers' arch-enemies, The Predators and the return of Keith. Among those events is the fact he will learn the reason why he is called the Wanderer. Meanwhile, Kristen is left heartbroken since the end of the first book, and is dealing with Taylor's departure, yet continues to move on with her life with her friends and finds solace with her new love interest, Daniel Vanderhorn. The second book is currently having a Spring 2011 release, but might be push back far up to Spring 2012.

The Wanderer: The Time Holder

The Wanderer: The Time Holder is the third book in The Wanderer series and is set for a Spring 2013 release. Taylor and Nina head back in time to find a lost object their kind hasn't been found for eons. Meanwhile, Kristen aches for Taylor, but still in a relationship with Daniel and is force to make a cruicial desicion.

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