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The Wanderer series

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The Wanderer: Dark Horizon is an upcoming Science-Fiction/Fantasy novella, second book in The Wanderer series, sequel to the first book, The Wanderer, and will be written by Talix. It continues the journey of Taylor Carlisle, a mysterious young male who has extraordinary powers trying to find clues to his past. In the first book, he fallen in love with Kristen Marks, a smart girl who helped him during his ordeal. Now a year later, he heads off leaving Kristen to search for his past and eventually meets another Gatherer, Nina Keller and encounter more threats on the horizon. It is slated for a Spring 2011 release.


A year later after the events of the first book, Taylor Carlisle leaves Oakston and Kristen to learn more about his past and the existence of The Gatherers. However, Taylor's journey leads him to series of clues around the world as he meets a vigilante Gatherer Nina, faces off with The Gatherers' arch-nemesis, The Predators, and encounter the return of Keith. Among those events is the fact he will learn the reason why he is called the so-called Wanderer. Meanwhile, Kristen is left heartbroken since the end of the first book and is dealing with Taylor's departure hard, yet continues to move on with her life with her friends and family. However, she soon finds solace with her new love interest, Daniel Vanderhorn. When Taylor eventually comes back to Oakston, Kristen will forced herself to be in a difficult situation when Taylor's enemies comes to hurt the people he cares about the most.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Taylor Carlisle He is the main protagonist; A young male seventeen years old who has no clue about his past, but discover he has powers. In the first book, he meet Kristen Marks, a bookworm girl who helped him alot during his tough ordeal with learning his powers and adjust being one of the townsfolk in Oakston. Soon enough he fallen in love with Kristen, yet when his new life is threaten by another being Keith who has the same powers as him and calling himself and Taylor Gatherers. After the attack, Keith disappears and realizing he needs to know more about his life he leaves Oakston and Kristen. A year later he is now eighteen and continues to search for clues about his past and more about the Gatherers. There he meets Nina and faces off against the Predators. As he faces the tough challenges, Taylor will learn more about his past, new powers, the meaning of the Wanderer, and realize his life back in Oakston has dramatically changed.
    • Taylor's powers are consitsted with telekinesis, energy field, sense awareness, speed manipulation, and super strength. There he also has learns new powers such as astral projection, empahty, and evolution in his telekinesis.
  • Kristen Marks She is the other main protagonist of the book. She is seventeen years old and loves understanding the impossible. She is a constient bookworm and has a hard time hanging out with her friends. In the first book, she meet Taylor and after helping him through his ordeal she fallen in love with him and admitted to him, yet he didn't. After a attack with a Gatherer known as Keith, Taylor feels his life staying with Kristen will be threaten and leaves her. A year later, now eighteen she is still devestated after his depature and finding her life complicated because of it soon finds solace with a new love interest, Daniel Vanderhorn.
  • Nina Keller She is a rogue Gatherer, who meets Taylor during a bar outside Kansas. She and Taylor didn't see eye to eye the first time they met. However, when the Predators start attacking them numerously, they quickly join forces to combat them. After the attack, Nina decides its best to join him on his quest once she realize he has a uncanny resemblance to a Gatherer myth of the Wanderer. She once has a relationship with Keith.
    • Nina's powers are similars to Taylor, but has two more powers such as teleportation and possession.
  • Daniel Vanderhorn He and his family is one of the most prominent clans in Oakston. When left Oakston when he was five, but came back a year later to see alot of things change and soon meets Kristen. Feeling for her lost, he console her for weeks and eventually become boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Keith Lawson He sereved as the main antagonist of the first book, and has the same powers as Taylor and Nina. However, Keith has more experience with his powers than Taylor's and most occasionaly uses them for violence. After his encounter with Taylor failed, he mysteriously disappeared and soon reappeared a year later when a gang of Predators tries to attack Taylor. Realizing it takes more than one Gatherer to defeat them, he reluctantly join forces with Taylor to stop them.
    • Keith's powers are the same as Taylor's, but he has more powers in his control such as energy manipulation, flight, teleporation.

The GatherersEdit

The Gatherers are beings who are known to carry power and protect it as its source thus nourishing themselves and their future.

  • Leo He is the leader of the Elder Gatherers and teaches Taylor things he didn't know about his past, one of them is his father. He share the same powers as Taylor, Nina, and Keith, but has one exclusive power known simply as space manipulation.
  • Rodan He is sort of the second leader of the Gatherers, he questions Taylor's exisitence similar to those of a myth talking about a powerful Gatherer known as the Wanderer and why others are calling Taylor the Wanderer. He is Nina's father. His exculsive power is to turn objects into metal.
  • Lydia Another one of the Elder Gatherers, who are sort acting as the mother figure to everyone and she cares about their safety especially Taylor's when things consistenly points to him. Her exclusive power is that she is a powerful telepath.
  • Serena Another Gatherer, but more faithful to stay in the clan unlike Nina and Keith. She shared a once close relationship with Keith. Her most known power is to heal.
  • Potter Another Gatherer, who unlike Nina and Keith, but liek Serena stay faithful to stay in the clan than the outside world. He and Nina go off number of times; he likes Taylor and trust that he is the Wanderer according to the myth. His most known power is to multiply his body.

The PredatorsEdit

The Predators are the arch nemeses of The Gatherers and are beings who hunt down the Gatherers trying to steal their power in order to make them more powerful. Most of their powers are similar to the Gatherers because of them harbouring the powers from the former Gatherers, yet has dark powers such using a dagger holding a poison that can kil a Gatherer and can teleport in smokes of shadows.

  • Atkin He is one of the leaders of the Predators and one of the most powerful Predators. His main obessesion is to find the so-called Wanderer and when his pack find what it looks like The Wanderer as his name is Taylor. He sends them to hunt him down and soon join the hunt himself. He is most known power is to cast dark enegry orbs.
  • Taz He is Atkin's second-in-commander and leader of Atkin's pack. Though Atkin gives him and the other Predators tasks, Taz is more the stragetical leader on field giving plans on attacking the Gatherers. He is sort of selfish and always quirky. His most known power is shape shifting.
  • Malice She is a dangerous Predator and is one of the members in Atkin's pack. She is truly loyal to Atkin and has much disgust to Taz's rules but has to follow them as he is the co-leader. Her most known powerful attack is a shock push.
  • Domino He rarely talks too much, but is last member in Atkin's pack. He is often seen dangerous and completely wild. His most known powerful attack is a quake split.


  • Davis Hart Kristen's best friend, who always respect her decisions and usually hangs out with her.
  • Lindsey Walker Another of Kristen's best friends, who finds it diffcult to understand Kristen's social skills.
  • Jeremy Brown A rich kid at Kristen's school who before Taylor, she has feelings for. He is Daniel's cousin.
  • Missy Kristen's rival and ex-friend who is currently Jeremy's girlfriend.
  • Jacob Marks Kristen's eleven-year-old brother.
  • Lisa Marks Kristen's mother.
  • Eric Marks Kristen's father.


The plot of this book is focus mostly around the world in various locations such as in Kansas, Tennessee, Texas, New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo. As it follows less in the fictional town of Oakston, Louisiana.

Structure and genreEdit

The Wanderer: Dark Horizon falls under the genre of young adult, sci-fi, fantasy, and romance. The structure is focus on the third-person perspective.


The Wanderer: The Time Holder is the confirmed third book in The Wanderer series and is set sometime in 2013. The plot follows Taylor and Nina going back in time using a joint Gatherer power know as "temporal hopping"; as they are in search for clues about a mysterious object Gatherers and Predators have been searching for eons since the beginning. Whereabouts of the object can only be learned from a being who is known as the Time Holder and as the duo tries to find him, they encounter Atkin and other Predators searching for the object. While searching for the object and the Time Holder, Taylor learns more about his parents and realize his love for Kristen is more than he ever known. Meanwhile, back in the present time, Kristen continues her relationship with Daniel Vanderhorn and sill yearning for Taylor and must make a huge desicion in the end.

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