Harry Potter: Harry becomes friends with Ginny when Ron and Hermione abandon him. Harry/Ginny


Come on Weasley, he won't bite Ginny Weasley thought as she looked at Harry Potter, her former crush. She had to do this, to make him happy.

She started to walk, but her legs felt like jelly. She had to do this, to cheer him up. So she walked up to her former crush.

It had all started the night before. The Goblet Of Fire had enterered people into a game called the Triwiziard Tournament.

Victor Krum, Fleur Delaclour and Cedric Diggory were champions. Nothing out of the ordinary. Until the fourth champion had apeared from the goblet. Harry Potter.

So Harry was staring into space, and Ginny was standing right near him. Her Long Red Hair was even more Red than usual, thanks to the weather.

"Hello Harry", Ginny said, and she sat next to Harry. She put her bag down, and both stared into the lake in front of them.

"Hello Ginny", he said hoarsely. Ginny saw big black rings under his eyes, and his hair was more messy than usual.

"How's you're year been", he asked. Ginny thought of it. Bad, like the last two. I have no friends other than Luna, and i don't see her much anymore.

"Fine", Ginny lied. "I'm Guessing you want to know why i tricked the Goblet", Harry asked, still staring into the lake.

"No. It's just that i want to help you. To help you win this tournament", she said. Harry looked at her, as if daring she wasn't lying.

"Are you telling the truth", Harry asked. "Because me and Ron had a fall out. Hermione won't talk to me", Harry trailed off.

"I Swear on my Father's Life Harry", Ginny said. And it was true. Her Father, and all her brothers apart from Ron and Percy, were the most closest to her.

Her Mother was a different story. She was more of an controlling person, who would whine if things didn't go her way.

"But what if you get hurt", Harry said uncertainly. Ginny rolled her eyes. "Think about it. I want to help, i don't care if i get hurt, as long as you survive", she said.

Harry finally nodded. "Okay, what you've got first", Harry asked. Ginny looked at her parchement. "Charms, what about you", she asked.

Harry looked at his. "Defence". "I will see you later then Harry", Ginny said. Harry nodded, and looked at her chocolate brown eyes. She stared at his emrald green eyes.

"I'm Sorry", he said. "What for", Ginny asked, confused. "For not being you're friend, after the chamber", Harry said.

Ginny brushed it off. "What's done, what's done Harry", Ginny said. "Right, i better go", and with that, Ginny walked away, and Harry stared at her long red hair.

He sighed. He should have been friends with Ginny instead of Ron and Hermione.

Chapter OneEdit

"Reducto", Harry bellowed, and the spell crashed into one of the vases Ginny had transfigured. The Vase exploded, sending bits of glass around the room.

"Wonderful Harry", Ginny smiled at Harry. Harry beamed, and he put his wand back into his pocket. "Harry, can you help me for something", Ginny asked.

"Sure Ginny. Anything", he said. "Can you help me with my Potions Homework, please", Ginny asked. "Anything for you Ginny", Harry said, and Ginny blushed.

Both sat down, and Ginny pulled out her ink and quill. "I Have to learn what are the effects of a cheering potion", she told him.

"Well, if one drinks too many cheering potions, they would grow more happy that they would actually be considered insane.

One helps cheer one's mood, but if not taking in the next day, their mood would descrease".

Harry helped Ginny with the points, and she finally finished the essay. "Thank You Harry. When is the next working with Spells", Ginny asked as she put her essay in the bag.

"Wensday, i have an essay for Binns", he groaned, and Ginny shot him a apologtic look. "Sorry".

Ginny was walking in the hall, and she heard crys. "Ginny, Ginny".

She turned around, and saw Hermione Granger rush to her. "Granger", Ginny said.

Hermione scowled. "What. I thought you needed Potion's Homework", she said.

"Harry helped me", she said. Hermione frowned. "Harry isn't good at Potions".

She reached for the bag, but Ginny grabbed the bag and turned it away from Hermione. "What", she demanded, trying yet again to reach for the bag.

"No Granger. You think Harry entered the Goblet with Will", she said. Hermione turned bright red with anger. "Hell, shut up Weasley. You don't know Harry", she said.

Ginny didn't blink an eye. "I want to get to know him, not jump to conclusions like some people do", and with that, Ginny stormed off.

Hermione was in a bad mood. She too stormed off, and bumped into Draco Malfoy.

"Look, the mudblood has no friends", he said, and Hermione's mood worsened. "If you please", Hermione said.

Malfoy snorted. "As if a filfthy mudblood wants to go through there".

Hermione had tears in her eyes, and ran off. Normally, she would have Harry or Ron to back her up. But she had turned her back on Harry, and she hadn't seen Ron that day.

Meanwhile, Harry finished his essay, and put it in his bag. He decided to visit Hagrid for the day, and he left the Castle.

He saw Ginny and Neville. Neville was looking at some plants, and Ginny was looking on in interest. "Really", she asked.

"Yep. They protect people from certain danger", Neville said proudly. "Hello".

Ginny let out a small scream, and Neville tripped. "Sorry", Harry mumbled, and Ginny laughed. Soon did Harry and then Neville too.

Once they stopped, Harry asked if they wanted to come to Hagrids. "Sure", Ginny said, and Neville nodded.

The Three walked to Hagrid's Cabin, not seeing Ron Weasley staring at them with pure hate. Bastard steals Neville and runs off with my sister, does he.

Chapter TwoEdit

Next Time. Harry discovers the first task. Siruis makes a call through the fireplace.

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