Harry Potter. Harry and Ginny travel back in time as the war kills good and bad.

What HappenedEdit

It all started when Harry traveled to the Burrow.

During the Battle Of Little Whinigan, Ron, Mad Eye and Hedwig were killed. Harry mourned for the loss, and Ginny found out what Harry and Hermione were about to do.

She asked if she could join, which Harry accepted. During Bill and Fluer's wedding, an army of death eaters invaded, Bellatrix Lestrange in the lead.

Harry, Hermione and Ginny witnessed Bill and Fluer's deaths and quickly apparated. Hermione forgot about her bag, which made things for the worse.

Finding Grimmauld Place, they found out who R.A.B was and where the locket is. They were in disguise as Ministry workers.

Arthur was murdered by Umbridge after she found out who they were. Harry stunned her, and left her for the Dementors kiss.

Harry, Hermione and Ginny managed to get to the woods, not before finding Mad Eye's eye and the locket.

However, Hermione was stabbed and she died from her wounds. Harry and Ginny buried her, upset from their loss.

Weeks and Weeks later, Harry and Ginny managed to gind Godric's Hallow, and they followed Bathilida Bagshot, who turned out to be the snake Nagina.

Nagina was killed by Ginny, and both managed to destroy the locket.

Harry and Ginny later found out Nevile Longbottom and Luna Lovegood were on the run. This was when Harry and Ginny kissed.

They were found by death eaters and were forced to give chase. Ginny was captured first and then Harry.

They were held captive in Malfoy Mannor. Harry was pushed into an basement where they found Nevile and Luna.

Ginny is tortured and manages to stab Bellatrix with her own knife and grabs her wand. She kills Draco and Lucious and frees the captive.

Dobby manages to let them escape and they found themselves at Grimmalud place, where they find an dying Kreature.

Luna passes out and is pronounced dead. Nevile asks them what is going on and Ginny tells him everything. However, the death eaters invaded and Dobby gives his life for them to escape.

The deaths get overwhelming, and they find out Bellatrix's vault has one of the horcruxes. They disguise themsleves and break in.

Nevile is killed as Ginny grabs the cup. Harry and Ginny break out from an dragon, and find themselves back in the woods.

They destroy the cup, and they learn Hogwarts has been destroyed. Harry finds out the horcrux was in Hogwarts at the time.

Feeling desparate, Ginny and Hary relise the last horcrux is Harry himself. Ginny is told to kill Harry, which she does. Harry manages to live, although they don't know why.

They confront Voldermort and Harry kills him. Voldermort's last living act kills every wizard and muggle alive, but Harry and Ginny survive.

One month later, and Harry and Ginny find an book which will help them travel in time. "Never let go", they said in unison, and they traveled back in time.

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