This is an RP I came up with, detailing the team-up of multiple people. If you join, say which characters you will be using and make a header with your username.

Template for characters:

Name and link here

Universe and who they are here

What weapons they use

What armor they use

Interesting facts/biography

SPARTAN-984 Edit

John Hart

Fallout Universe, Brotherhood of Steel (Capital Wasteland) Paladin

Two Power Fists (worn), Super Sledge, Alien Blaster, AEP7 Laser Rifle, Recovered Enclave Plasma Grenades

Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor+Helmet

Born in the Wasteland, participated in the end-game assault on Project Purity.

The RP Edit

Once at least two people have joined, it can start. All action will take place in the Capital Wasteland. Use the map located here: Wastelandmap.png The action starts in Vault 101 during a Brotherhood salvage and rescue mission, after Fallout 3. This assumes that the player sacrificed themselves and did not use the FEV vial.

Chapter 1: The EndEdit

The Lone Wanderer prepared himself to enter the chamber. He said final words to Dogmeat, teary-eyed, before stepping into the chamber. He remembered his mother's favorite verse, Revelations 2:16. "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end" was the last thing going through the Wanderer's head as he hit 2-1-6-ENTER on the keypad and succumbed to fatal rad poisoning.

John Hart was with the rest of the Brotherhood, having went into Vault 101 to retrieve any equipment and survivors. He paused, and looked around inside the damaged Vault. Vault-Tec had done their job. It was too bad it was all a social experiment-except a few Vaults, like Vault 8. There were others, but he didn't care. (This section will continue with another character popping in and being escorted out.)

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