The Wedding is an fanfic about friends.Rachel and Ross's wedding nears,But dark forces from the past take over and the friends find out that they are in danger.


Rachel looked at the list of people she was inviteing.Joey could not come,He was in Los Angelas.Monica and Chandler could with the twins.Phoebe and Mike were but Phoebe could give birth during the wedding.That was everyone.Rachel put down the notepad and walked out of the house.It was just her and her friends that were coming.No family.She wanted it to be an small ceremony.She then saw an woman walking in the park.

"Emily,Is that you",Asked Rachel.Her large Rival who stoled her love one away from her five or six years ago."Oh,Rachel',Emily turned around and started to walk away.Rachel just stared at her,And walked away.

Meanwhile,Chandler was putting milk out of the fridge when he heard an noise in the backyard.Chandler opened the back door and saw his dog,Buster.He was afraid of dogs,But he promised Monica to get one.Chandler went back into the house,Muttering "Stupid dog".He did not know that someone was behind the dog and stabbed the dog in the back.

Monica was at her work when Terry,Her co-worker came in."Boss,Your husband wants to touch me",He grumpily replyed."Sarah,You take charge right now",Monica picked up the phone and answered it.

"Buster is dead",Chandler worriedly said,Hopeing he would not get an shout of his lifetime."What",Monica screamed into the phone,Causeing Penelope,Sarah and Timmy to look at her.

"He was found dead in the backyard by Erica.He was stabbed about ten times",Chandler was trying to keep Jack quiet."Is she okay",Monica nervously asked."Yes",Chandler then heard an knock on the door."I will call you back",And with that,Chandler put the phone back and opened the door."OH MY GOD",Cried out an annoying voice.

One David and Janice

"Janice,What are you doing here",Asked Chandler."To say that i want to kiss you",She laughed after she said that and tried to kiss him."What are you doing",Chandler nearly enough shouted."Just you see",She then toke her shirt off."That's it",Chandler shouted and he pushed her out of the house."Get out",Chandler screamed and slammed the door.

Meanwhile,Phoebe eat an slice of her pizza when she saw Mike heading out of the house."Where are you going",A heavily pregnant Phoebe asked."Shop",He replyed and walked out of the house.

Janice looked at the house and smiled.She knew what to do.She sneaked into the garage through window and decided to take her clothes off.When Monica comes,Chandler could not get out of this one.

Phoebe heard someone knocking the door and answered it."David",She asked.David grinned."What you doing here",She asked.More to be continued.

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