The Witching Hour is a 2000 Supernatural horror film written by Silvio Horta and directed by Daniel Myrick one of the two writers/directors of the Blair Witch Project.

It stars Alice Eve, Nia Long, Rose McGowan, Shirley Maclaine, Diane Keaton, Charlie Day, Peter Sarsgaard, Tracie Thoms, Freddy Rodriquez, Bryce Dallas Howard and Johnathen Schaech.

It features performances from infamous comedian/actor Chris Rock and Joel Edgerton.

The film is spoofed in Scary Movie 2 as the Kathleen Robertson character is a take off the Bryce Dallas Howard Character, the woman with the frightening face as the Tim Curry character is killed is a take-off the Warlock's true face sequence in the film which is a famous movie scene and the cat attacking Anna Faris Scary Movie series Cindy Campbell is take-off the film's other famous movie sequence which oversees Rose McGowan's character attacked and killed by a familiar cat.


Three nineteen year old students at St. Benedict College are targeted by a malevolent killer whom is revealed as a warlock as they discover they are indeed witches and he wants to ritualistically murder them to assume

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