The World is Different is an friends fanfiction.When Phoebe was born along with Ursula,She was stillborn.See how things unroll as the friends live a life where their friend was never born.

One Michelle

"Michelle,Can you please don't put foot marks on the floor",Moaned Monica as she was cleaning the wall.Michelle looked at her and stucked her tounge out.

Monica saw this on the reflection of the window."Michelle,I saw that",Monica tried to fight back the tears in her eyes.Michelle was treating her like a nasty witch.

Suddenly,The phone rang."Michelle,Get that",Monica shouted as she walked in the bathroom,Trying to clean the bathroom.

Michelle picked up the phone and held it against her ear."Hello,Michelle and Monica's",Michelle spoke in her fake sweet tone.

"Hello,Michelle can you please say to Monica that i will be coming at eight in the park",Ross spoke at the other side of the phone.

"Okay",Michelle lied and she put the phone down."Monica,Ross said he is going to come at nine",Michelle shouted."Okay"

Michelle smiled as she walked out of the apartment.When she walked down the stairs,She saw a woman in an wedding dress running upstairs.

"Hello,Can i help you",Smirked Michelle."Oh,I'm looking for Monica Geller",The woman asked."She is in there",Michelle pointed at the door.

Michelle walked down when she saw Chandler Bing coming in with his new roomate and girlfriend,Janice Litman.

"Hey",Michelle put yet another fake smile."Hey",They said at the same time and they ran up the stairs.

"Hey,Excuse me",Michelle asked the landowner,Ian Brown."Yeah",He replyed."Monica is ilegally owning her apartment.I just found out",Michelle smiled inside her.

"Okay,I will have you and her evicted unless she has the money",Ian said as he continued on with his book.

Two hours later,Monica was trying to confront her friend Rachel due to her runaway wedding.Just then,There was an knock on the door."I will get it",Monica walked up to the door.

"Hello",Monica smiled at Ian."Out",Was all he said."What",Monica asked,Confused."Get out",He shouted and he grabbed Monica and pushed her out."You too",He pointed at Rachel.

Rachel hurried off,Making sure she never had the same fate as Monica.

"What's going on here",Monica asked,Tears on her eyes."Michelle told me about ths little not owning the apartment ilegally.

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