The Yacht is an horror story that features the friends characters.The gang are teenagers and siblings.But when Phoebe is killed accidently by Ross and Joey,They all start turning against each other,Which leads Monica and Rachel looking for an escape,But are locked in Phoebe's bedroom.


Rachel,Monica and Phoebe are going with their brothers Ross,Joey and Chandler on an yacht so they can get to spain.Chandler explains to them that an year ago,Six people were in an yacht and each of them eat each other so they could survive.

One night,Phoebe is on the laptop and Ross and Joey decide to play a prank on her.Ross will record Joey pretending to kill Phoebe.However,The plan fails and Joey accidently kills Phoebe.Rachel hears her screams and runs in,And finds the body.

They all argue,With Monica and Rachel thinking they should show the recording to the police.Joey slaps Rachel and proceeds to rape her,Despite them being siblings.Monica grabs an shotgun and shoots Joey,Nearly killing him.

Rachel and Monica run to the life boat with Ross and Chandler on tail.They jump on the boat and to their horror,Relise they can't go any futher as the Yacht drives their way.They are picked up by Ross and Chandler,But Monica kicks Ross in the groin and the two girls run away.

They run to the room where Phoebe is killed,And they lock the door.In the other side of the door,Ross destroys the handle,So they can not get out.Rachel is trying to email their parents,But the laptop runs out of batterys and the charger is in Ross's bedroom.

Joey is tortured by Ross,As Ross does not know where the evidence is.Joey trys to crawl away from Ross,But he is smacked to death by the baseball bat.He then decides to lock Chandler in an room,Where he would soon freeze to death.

Rachel then finds out the ony way to get out is to smash through the glass door.She thinks Monica should do it,But Monica pushes her out,Which causes Rachel to get covered in blood.Monica tells Rachel she will get the tape and then the charger.

Monica is in the bedroom and can only find the charger.Just then,Ross smashes through and trys to kill Monica.He strangles her and just then an shot is heard.Rachel is with the shotgun and decides that they should get up the top so no one is out of sight.

When they are up,Ross punches Monica in the head and pushes Rachel down the stairs.Ross runs to free Chandler,But when he opens the door,Chandler grabs the other shotgun and holds Rachel and Ross hostage.

Monica gets up and sees what is happening.She decides to kill Chandler and then Ross.She grabs the chainsaw and runs out,Chainsawing Chandler in half.Just when she is about to kill Ross,He says that Chandler knew the only way to get back to America.

Rachel starts screaming and collapses.She looks as Ross plans to find an way to escape,Just him and Rachel.He mouths Rachel to come with him,As Monica decides to finish off the rest of the siblings.When she gos to an room to get an weapon,The pair run to another boat.

When Rachel jumps on the boat,Monica comes and slits Ross on the throat with the knife and trys to pull Rachel back into the yacht.Rachel kicks Monica in the face and is forced to go back in the Yacht.

She runs to Ross's bedroom and locks the door.She finds the tape and destroys it.Monica sees this and strangles Rachel.Rachel hits Monica and runs out into the hall,But trips up and looks at Monica with an chainsaw.Befour Rachel could escape,Monica kills her.

She then looks out in horror as she relises that there is another yacht coming up her way.Monica screams for help,Pretending Ross was the killer and Monica killed him inself defence.The boat arrives and she sees that there is five people on the boat.When Monica is in the kitchen,The man and his friend play an prank on Monica,But they kill her by accident instead,Just like Joey and Ross with Phoebe.


  • The Yacht 2 The other five try to hide Monica,But an not so dead Ross is in the boat,Wanting to kill them.
  • The Yacht 3 Penelope is the last one alive but is attacked.By an new killer.


  • Yacht 0 When Chandler mentioned about the six people eating each other,Here is their story.

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