The Yoko Factor is an Academy Award Winning Classic 1999 American Crime thriller film written and directed by Gus Van Sant

It concerns the story of a mid 40's serial killer orchestrating two other 19 year old serial killers in a set of three different murder scenarios which cover up the puppeteer's own M.O as three different people come together through trying to solve each of the three murder sprees.

The film was released on October 10th 1999 after being filmed over the complete year of 1998 in which central actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt did back to back shooting with also 1999 released hit teen comedy 10 Things I Hate About You.

The film stars Demi Moore, Elliot Gould, Mos Def, Samantha Morton, Alfred Molina, Ciaran Hinds, Frances Conroy, Colm Meaney, Christopher Plummer, Daniel Day-Lewis, Frances McDormand, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Wil Wheaton.


It begins with the murder of a woman named Charlene Templewell of Bottineau, North Dakota.

Police and ambulances are seen swarming to the town creek which is where is body is situated.

The police in discussion to each other state the body is that of Cincinatti Detective Charlene Templewell.

The sheriff of the small town and the captain of the Secret Police discuss the crime and let go the statement: "This Is Where It Ends" before the scene takes us on to Demi Moore's detective character Charlene Templwell whom has been called in for assigning to the case of a Kentucky State serial killer whom is offing off young 19 year old woman of the local tri-county area.

We are then taken to Kalamazoo, Michigan where an old man detective and young african american apprentice detective are called upon to be assigned to the case of a Georgia serial killer.

As they prepare on to leave at the same time the scene comes between that of Cincinatti Detective Charlene Templewell getting ready to leave we are then taken to Ash Grove, Missouri where a just new beautiful young blonde detective named Charlene Bartwell is called upon for the case of a Detroit serial killer.

What follows for the rest of the duration of the motion picture is just starting detective Charlene Bartwell crossing paths with the detective duo of Michigan as they are heading off to Georgia and the three seperate crime stories coming completely together as each is a murderer part of a sick trio.

The beginning of the film which seems to have been tied up with the body of Charlene Templewell is revealed as the body actually of Charlene Bartwell whom was murdered by the main Kentucky based murderer whom mistook her to be Charlene Templewell and upon murder dumped Charlene Templewell's stolen police badge with her body.

Charlene Templewell however gets revenge for Charlene Bartwell's closing murder by tracking down the main man leader killer of the sick trio and shooting him violently to death after posing as a hitchhiker to which he picks up.


  • Demi Moore as Detective Charlene Templewell
  • Elliot Gould as Detective Liam Beating
  • Mos Def as Detective Carden Sandruzzi
  • Samantha Morton as Detective Charlene Bartwell
  • Alfred Molina as Bottineau Sheriff Walden Samson
  • Ciaran Hinds as Captain of the Secret Police Charlie Deanfird
  • Frances Conroy as Mother Marlene Templewell
  • Colm Meaney as Assisting Officer Helper to Detective Charlene Templewell Colbin Lakes
  • Christopher Plummer as Main Man Murderer/ Bottineau Businessman Blake Carsalle
  • Daniel Day-Lewis as Blake Carsalle's Bestfriend/Bottineay District Attorney Livenby Rogers
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Detroit Serial Killer/ Kentucky State drop out drifter Fernard Sallados
  • Wil Wheaton as Georgia Serial Killer/ Peer Pressured Foster Family Abused Cincinatti State Student Daniel Famcross


  1. Heartbreak Hotel- Elvis Presley
  2. I'm A Man- Bo Diddley
  3. I Saw Stars- Freddy Martin
  4. Sugar Shack- Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs
  5. Oh! What It Seemed To Be- Frankie Carle
  6. How High The Moon- Les Paul & Mary Ford
  7. Tennesse Waltz- Les Paul & Mary Ford
  8. Tennesse Waltz- Jo Stafford
  9. September In The Rain- Tony Bennett

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