The Zodiac are a covenant of extraterrestrial organisms, mostly homonids and intelligent races aswell. They strongly believe in a collection of Gods known as Deities, and the leader of each race is said to have been selected by these Deities as a flesh representation of each of their Gods. They also believe and fear the Human race may one day destroy the Universe, and that they 'The Zodiac' have been sent BY The Gods to cleanse them from the Universe.

History Edit

Early History Edit

As much as 300,000 years ago, the Zodiac race known as the Arians or Purists have been observing humanities' evolution, the way we spread over the many thousands of years, and the way we killed the planets we colonised. Eventually, The Arians formed an alliance with several other races who had been observing the Humans, and formed an alliance with them. Their original decree was to keep them quarantined, and safe from the rest of the Galaxies. Eventually, they grew powerful, controlled most of the outer rim of the Galaxy, and they themselves evolved aswell. In the year 2081, the human organization known as the UEM began making plans for colonisation of another Galaxy known as Andromeda, and The Zodiac Purist High Council called a meeting with the leaders of the Embassy. They met and had a council with them and the Humans still insisted on colonising the other galaxy. And so, the Purists simply said, it is your decision, and sure enough, the Humans arrived a year later in the other galaxy. The Zodiac had now become more militaristic than ever, once being more of a covenant of watchers than anything. The Purists handed over the rite of Parliament to the Pisceans. While they, The Purists, handled Military. The Purists then appeared in militaristic form, weilding powerful bio energy weapons, which they used to destroy the UEM ship known as the Henrietta Marie.

The Crusade against Humanity Edit

They then followed up destroying 27 % of the UEM Colonies in less than 18 years. They then made a bee-line for the Border Colonies, which in-turn surrounded Earth, believing that "If they strike the beast at its heart, it would die." They then destroyed each of the 13 border colonies one by one, until they came down to Adonias. They then were forced to retreat after the UEM began using their fleets. Then, one Zodiac ship, the Vast Expanse, made an outstanding discovery, Haven.

The Crusade against Haven Edit

This is one of their shorter Crusades, beginning simply as a small-scale ground engagement with only basic infantry forces and one home-base. The crew of the Vast Expanse had relatively recognised the 5 'MSWG' as the UEM's biggest threat. They failed horribly at securing the UEM Ship Crash Site, but grew more powerful when their fleet arrived shortly behind the other UEM fleet, which soon joined theirs. With the Human Grendel forces on their side, The Zodiac almost gained control of Haven, but things went spiraling even more out of control when The Spawn, an ancient race of hellish beings which The Zodiac believed were the Gods or Ancestors of Demons. The Spawn spread quickly over the Haven, and Avisto, who had lead the reinforcement fleet, was forced to retreat. The UEM, MSWG, and Grendel forces, however, remained fighting for The Apex.

The Crusade against Earth Edit

This Crusade was much more furious than the first one, and even introduced some new Races aswell, one of these had been at war with The Purists many millions of years ago. The Fiends, as they were called, were introduced into the main infantry of the Zodiac. The Zodiac now had more forces than ever, and had re-located all of the leaders of The Zodiac into one collective location, a Zodiac Planet Killer known as The Spindle Shrine. Leading the attack on the ODG, completely surpassing Adonias, The Spindle Shrine stayed inside of an Active Cloaking shield, making it completely invisible, but not exactly safe from UEM Radars. Its drives consisted of Dark Matter drives. After the attempt at bringing down the ODG failed horribly, The Spindle Shrine itself smashed it's way through the ODG and made a beeline straight for Earth, not realising it had let the Spawn controlled UEM fleet through to Earth. After this, Kluutak, who had originally planned for Avisto to be executed, suggested he lead an assault on Earth to cleanse it of Spawn infestation. Before the Shrine itself got to Earth, an attack on New Cairo failed when it was foiled by the MSWG yet again. After Avisto had succesfully cleansed the City of Spawn, the Purists were intercepted by an attack lead by Ragnarok, who said they, the Purists, were an impediment to The Zodiac. Avisto then fought through armies of Spawn and Fiends, only to be captured by Kluutak's forces along with Ivy. Kluutak, back onboard the Shrine, then said Avisto was a danger to himself and The Zodiac for fighting alongside a Human, Ivy in this instance. Kluutak then accused him of barbarism and sent him away. The closing days of the Crusade on Earth ended with the Great Divide.

The Great Divide Edit

The Great Divide began when Avisto pledged his submission from The Zodiac, at this point, all remaining Purists and those loyal to them were exiled as well, the Purists gladly left, saying that the moral conscience of The Zodiac was now corrupt and that their new masters had perverted the very foundations of their pact. Kluutak refused to be wrong, and he continued to believe Humans were an infestation upon this universe, then, the Zodiac were divided into 3 halves, The New Zodiac, or the Loyalists, The Zodiac Peace Makers, lead by Avisto, and the all Purist foundation, The Zodiac Neutralists, lead by Kluutak. Kluutak had taken control of the Spindle Shrine, and The Oracle of Dark Energy along with his council had fled to a distant planet that they call The Mantle, leaving some of their forces aboard the World Breaker to attempt to kill Kluutak. The MSWG had then met Kluutak on their way to find Ivy, and Zack was forced to kill him. Zack died in the process however, along with the destruction of the Spindle Shrine. The Neutralists then fell apart, and all that was left was The New Zodiac, and The Zodiac Peacemakers after the death of Kluutak and Ragnarok.

The Crusade against The Mantle Edit

This Crusade was a furious one. The Zodiac attempted to raid an MSWG controlled base known as The Arsenal in an attempt to find their main controls, located at the city of Roth. The Zodiac then penetrated deep into the base, on command of Dark Energy himself to find something that had come to his attention, The Atlas they would use to find this particular object of interest. They were stopped by The Spawn before they could get there, so Dark Energy sent in Bogart, leader of the Grendel to get it himself. Bogart succeeded, and said he would wait for the UEM to gather up the rest of the shards and then snatch them all away at once. The Zodiac then opened a portal to Earth.

The Second Crusade against Earth Edit

Little did The Zodiac know, this would be their final Crusade against Humanity, as they would in turn, eventually need to focus their attention on The Spawn, which they would find to be a much greater detriment in the end. The Zodiac lead by the zealous Dark Energy, rose Atlantis from its resting place to activate the final Haven. Haven would be theirs now, not the Humans. However, before the MSWG could stop Dark Energy, he was already driven insane by the Metatron's blood curdling words. All that was left, were the Grendel, lead by Bogart, who was eventually defeated, and the Zodiac became one again after the destruction of The Eye.

The Crusade of Reformation Edit

Their current Crusade is that of making the Zodiac one whole faction again, also allowing The Harbingers to join their ranks with their Deity Anu of Uruk. The Zodiac were now finally whole again, and allied with Humanity.

Races of The Zodiac Edit

There are a total of 12 known races in the Zodiac at the end of Total Assault 3, listed below they are along with their respectful Deities at the end of TA 3.

Below are their respectful Height / Weight chart:

  • Oracles - 5'06" / 260 lbs.
  • Purists - 7'04" / 340 lbs. (7'08" / 2,110 lbs.)
  • Fiends - 8'09" / 970 lbs. (8'11" / 3,225 lbs.)
  • Feral - 6'08" / 195 lbs. (7'02" / 885 lbs.)
  • Drones - 4'06" / 260 lbs. (5'02" / 273 lbs.)
  • Scamps - 5'01" / 210 lbs. (5'06" / 245 lbs.)
  • Banshees - 5'11" / 295 lbs. (6'01" / 315 lbs.)
  • Scarabs - 5'10" / 280 lbs. (5'11" / 290 lbs.)
  • Ravagers - 10'0" / 10,500 lbs.
  • Destroyers - 17'06" / 49,250 lbs.
  • Hydras - 50'0" / 180,000 lbs.

Weapons Edit

The Zodiac mainstream weapons consisted of energy or bio-organic green sludge from melted chrystals on the Arian homeworld, below are the Zodiac Mainstream Weapons.

  • Sludge Pistol
  • Sludge Rifle
  • Sludge Launcher
  • Energy Rifle
  • Energy Repeater
  • Energy Turret
  • Shock Rifle
  • Shock Bow

Below are their Melee Weapons:

  • Bio Sword
  • Scorpion Scythe "Sinh (Fiendish for Sting)"

Listed Below are all special weapons:

  • Havoc Bow

Below are listed all the Scorpion specific weapons:

  • Scorpion Repeater
  • Scorpion Rifle
  • Scorpion Turret

They also have an assortment of many different vehicle mounted Energy weapons.

Trivia Edit

  • Each and every race is based off of a sign of the Zodiac. Hence the name 'The Zodiac'.
  • The Creator of the game's sign is Cancer, or as they are called in this game, Ravagers.

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