Eighth Mission of Total Assault 3.

Walkthrough Edit

Enemies Edit

Weapons Edit

Vehicles Edit

  • UEM
    • Rhino
    • Tortoise
    • Jackrabbit
    • Mammoth
    • Desert Wolf
    • Timber Wolf
    • Phoenix Gryphon
  • Zodiac
    • Hover Craft
    • Hover Chassis
    • Hover Aircraft
    • Hover Gun
    • Hover Turret
    • Hover Tank
    • Slasher
    • Stinger
    • Stalker

A Sound of Thunder Edit

  • You begin this level with a Fusion Cannon and EMP Gloves.
  • Use the Fusion Cannon to destroy the Hover Guns and the Patriarch. Then give the Fusion Cannon to one of your allies and get the fresh one by the downed Raven.
  • Board the Stinger and destroy it, then hop on the Rhino.
  • Drive and smash your way through the hoards of enemies up to the tower.
  • Kill the enemies in the first room and then make your way up to the upper level.
  • Take out the patriarch and lower the shields.
  • Fight your way back to the beach head.

The Final Shard Edit

  • Take the Phoenix Gryphon and smash your way through the enemy aircraft. Once you reach the dock, hop out, and get in the Mammoth.
  • Clear the platforms of enemy forces and go through the gate, taking out the six Destroyers. When you come through the gate, you will almost immediately be bombarded by Hydras and enemy fire.
  • Take out the ground infantry and the Hover Chassis. Some more Slashers will come on your left.
  • Take out all of the enemies in this area, including enemy vehicles. And when you get close enough to take out the Hydras, do so, from a safe distance. When you arrive at the main ramp, fight your way to the top, and then inside.

Acropolis Edit

  • Once inside, fight your way through the rooms containing Fiend Patriarchs and Destroyers. Once inside the final room, the final cutscene will play. In the final cutscene: The entourage is assailed upon by Attack Drones, and then the Metatron taunts them. Then Bogart assassinates Casey, and then exits through the portal. The friendly Zodiac show up lead by Avisto who tells him about the reinforcements he sent him. Davian agrees to let him follow and Jon tells him he is making a bad decision. Davian tells him to get back in rank, and then, they say their final goodbyes to the high comm, and then they exit through the portal. The war now rests on their shoulders.

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