Zoo Bomb Salamander Cursed Onion Ring Tape is a special episode to do with the Zoo Bomb Salamander that has to do with The Onion Ring. Unlike the ring when everybody dies in 7 days from a voice on the phone. The zookeepers will get a phone call from a Zoo Bomb Salamander announcing that the zookeeper is fired and an onion ring in one month. If you were a zookeeper and didn't quit the job and watched the cursed tape, you would become an onion ring!

Tape transcript

Zoo Bomb Salamander: (sighs) "I'm hungry."

Orange: "Who are you? Are you a zoo bomb salamander? Hey! Hey! Hey, zoo bomb salamander!"

Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Yes?"

Orange: "Hey, it's see-food!" (laughs)

Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Um... Hey, it's see-food!" (both laugh)

Phone call

Zoo Keeper: "Hello?"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Did you watch the cursed onion ring tape?"

If zoo keeper said No

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Never mind."

If zoo keeper said Yes

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Seven days." (laughs)

Zoo Keeper: (Any of these quotes:

  • What happens in seven days?
  • What do you mean, seven days?
  • Another call coming in.
  • I have to quit fast.
  • You're not really happening.


K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "You're an onion ring." (laughs eerily)

Next month, same day, same time

(Suddenly, the lights go out, K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander chuckles, and the cursed tape turns on showing the well.)

(K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander comes out of the well, and comes closer.)

(K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander actually comes through the TV screen.)

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Guys don't mind if I drop in, do ya?"

(K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander pulls out his wand)

(K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander casts the same spell enough times to turn all the zoo keepers into onion rings)

After the onion ring effect

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