The Dearly departed is a crime drama movie scheduled to be released in 2010.It stars Vince Vaughn,Cameron Diaz,Cary Horyuki-Tagawa,Joe Camareno,Tzi Ma,Keith David,Elisha Dushku,Linus Roache,Eric Bogosian,Mariska Hargitay,Idris Elba,Rita Moreno and Rutger Hauer

Vince Vaughn-Detective Kellyn Dudley-A detective assigned to look into Kira Romney's death. He is introduced as a guy with a sense of humor who often makes puns

Tzi Ma-Detective Hollis Feng-Kellyn Dudley's partner who is kind hearted and helps people out he has the same personality as kellyn dudley although he can be serious sometimes

Joe Camareno-Christian Calderon-A drug trafficker and the main antagonist of the film he murdered kira Romney by ripping out her kidneys with his bare hand he is cold sadistic and likes toying around with the cops

Mariska Hargitay-Kira Romney-A woman whose death leads detectives Dudley and feng To Cypress Hills,ny she was killed by christian calderon in a brutal gory fashion

Rita Moreno-Alisa Calderon-Christian Calderon's mother and accomplice on his crimes who is just as sadistic as her son despite being wheelchair bound

Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa-Randy-A leader of the yakuza who is the immediate moderator for the meeting of the Calderon's and the yakuza

Elisha Dushku-Kathy-A prostitute who is forced to work for one of randy's pimps

Linus Roache-Eddy Brokaw-A Pimp associated with Randy he is also good friends with the Calderons

Eric Bogosian-Remy-Another Pimp Associated with randy the prostitute Kathy pleasures him against her will

Idris Elba-Kendrick Hopkinson-A Ladies man who almost got shot to death by Remy for looking at his girls wrong

Rutger Hauer-Jayden Geerts-A porsecutor who will stop at nothing to bring down the calderons and their associates

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