" i dont know thiis so unneceary and filthy"

edd say to his companion in the sewer

name:eddwardoccpation:student of peach creek jr highshcoolhomeworld:peach creekspecies:humanstatus:alivemother:unnamed motherfather:unnamed father

edd is one of main protoganist along with ed and eddy in

ed edd eddy series.

early life.

nothing more about edd live but he meet the eds {just ed and eddy}

edd first meet his companion when their family move to cul-de sac

ed edd eddy.

edd and ed along with with eddy first appear in cool yer ed

when he seen along with eddy and edtryig get rid of bee nest.


his appearance is cool yer ed and his last appereance is big picture show.

"im sick of you eddy!!!!!!!!!!!!"

edd angry for the first time in big pictcure show.

kamen rider den-o ed express clima jump

"may I reel you in?"

edd posses by urataros in chapter 4

edd is one of main protoganish in ed edd eddy kamen rider den-o ed ecpress climain chapter

in chapter 2 he been holifiend possed by an imagin name urataros

let's go superheroes vs vilian.

acaccording to narrator danny antonucci and wilson k edd appear as main protoganist

in let's go super heroes.

Edd urataros

edd is casanova

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