The living dead Trilogy

Set after the events of Day of the dead by George Romero,This Trilogy showing the events what happened to certan people.It is an series of films and was adapted to a comic book.

The Start of the dead

A man named Frank and his wife Frankie are running away from zombie's in their home.They hide in a hair dressers and an woman named Michelle tells them that she was with survivors but they got eaten.Michelle then tells them that the only way to escape from the city is to go to the summer set mall.Michelle turns into a zombie and Frank kills her.

They steel an car and drive to the mall.They find a man named Noel and his sister Katie.They say that the mall was overun by zombies and the helicoptor crashed.

The four then head to an bar and hide.They find the manager Harry and barmaid Kelly.Kelly is pregnant.An zombie then bites Kelly but she does not tell anyone and Frank kills the zombie.Frankie then turns on a tv and they learn that the viruis started in China.It got out of control and the rest of the world got infected.

Noel and Frank set up the barricade and the zombies know where they are.They all go up to the roof and Kelly go's to labour.Frankie is an doctor and plans to get the baby out.However,Kelly turns into an zombie and attacks and bites Frankie.The zombie baby then attacks and bites Noel and Frank shoots them all but Frankie.

Katie screams and shoots Frankie on the leg and Frank tries to kill her.Harry kills Frank and tells Katie that the zombies are breaking in.The pair head to the garage next door and they drive away.However,The zombies manage to grab Harry out and the zombie's feast on them.Katie drives away.

Katie then drive stops and heads to an millitary place.The army check for bites and says she is not infected.She then learns from an man named Ian that the only country not infected in Scotland.

The Escape of the dead

Set after The start of the dead.Katie and Ian are heading out with an team to get to an helicopter so they can escape to Scotland.Katie and Ian and Garry,Manny,Linda,Anna,Brian and Jenny are heading out to the airport.

On the way they pick up supplies and food.However,An zombie attacks Jenny and an man kills the zombie.His name is Mike and he has an teenage daughter named Vera.Jenny turns into an zombie and Brian kills his wife befour himself.Katie tells them what happened to her in the start of the dead.

They then go to sleap in a house.However,The zombies break in and Anna is carried away with the undead.Manny is bitten on the leg and Ian shoots him.The rest then are chased up to the roof and they hide their.Meanwhile,In scotland,An zombie manages to get infect an whole town which results half of Scotland getting infected.

Katie then heads out from an window and sees that there is an horde of zombies outside.She then sees Mike and Vera escaping to an car.However,An zombie grabs Mike out of the car and eats him.Another zombies gets Vera and she screams as she is eaten alive.Katie then sees an zombie Harry and Frankie getting them.

An zombie smashes in and the others then head out to the hall leaving Katie,Who then jumbs and breaks her leg.Frankie then gets Katie and eats her.

The others are then cornered in a basement.Ian shoots himself and Linda runs away with Jenny to the outside.However,The zombies eat Linda and Jenny runs into the cars and locks herself in and drives away.

The others are then eaten one by one.The last survivors are Manny and Anna.Anna runs away from Manny as she learns he is infected,She is then eaten by an zombie and Manny shoots himself.

The last of the dead

Set after the escape of the dead.Jenny did escape in an helicopter and flew to scotland an was then teamed up with survivors in an science lab.Will they find out how it happened.

Jenny finds an survivor named Tony.Tony says that his partner Andy was eaten and he is an homosexual.Jenny is then attacked by an zombie and an woman shoots the zombie.Her name is Nicole and she has her teenage daughter with her Jessica.

They head to an science lab and find an dog.However,This is an zombie and it bites Jessica.Nicole stabs it and they think that Jessica will not be infected.They find an man named Jaimes and his girlfreind Fiona.They all then find the boss named Benny who says his team had made the coment form Venus.

Then,Zombies burst in and they all escape to an room.Jessica then has sex with Benny so that she can infect him as she is turning.When they have sex,She turns and eats him.The naked zombie Jessica then bursts through the room and Nicole is shocked.However,Jaimes shoots it and Nicole kills him.

Jenny screams to stop it and more zombies burst in.Nicole is raged and she throws Fiona to them so they can escape.Tony gets to an car and only manages to get Nicole in.Jenny is grabbed away and eaten.The pair are then attacked from the zombies and Tony is bitten.Nicole screams as an zombie grabs onto her and is bitten on the neck

However,Tony then eats her legs.Jenny screams out loud and screams that the devil is taking revenge on them.Her eyes then turn white and it is reavealed she was the one that made all this happen.

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