The night they cameEdit

When an zombie virus infects the whole world,An group of survivors hide in an shopping mall.However,When the zombies grow in numbers the survivors try to think in a way to escape from the mall and the undead.


Katie and her teenage daughter are out shopping.Erin,The daughter,Starts to vomit and then bites a man.Erin attacks Katie and Katie escapes barely.An security guard,Andy grabs onto Katie and the pair run when more of the undead smash into the store.They all run out to the mall and find three survivors.Their names are Frank,Laurie and Jimmy.Laurie is pregnant.

They barricade the mall after clearing the zombies.Laurie is bitten but does not tell them.Katie finds an girl and her name is Jenny and that her parents are outside.Katie go's into shock as Jenny looks like Erin.

Jenny tells them that her Mother was eaten in their summer home and her Father died when they crashed into an tree.Jenny then ran their.Then an fast aproaching zombie attacks Laurie and Frank is nearly bitten.An woman and two men then shoot the zombie.Their names are Ana,Manny and Harry.

When on the roof,They see an man and his wife trapped on the roof of the gun shop.An zombie grabs onto the wife and they both fall down.The man then falls down from the roof befour an zombie can get them.

More zombies burst in the mall and Jimmy falls victem.Jenny finds an security room and tells the others to hide there.Katie is grabbed onto an zombie and Manny gives his life to save her.An couple of zombies then grab Laurie and Frank and Andy try and get her but fall victem.Ann grabs onto Laurie and get her in.

Harry turns on the tv and learns that all over the world the zombies are attacking.Then the news reporter,Melinda,Is eaten by an zombie and the camara falls which shows more zombies eating more people.

Harry is then attacked by the zombie Laurie and is bitten on the neck.The fetus then falls out and attacks Ann and bites her in the leg.Katie grabs Jenny and they run to the exit.They find an car and Jenny tells Katie she respects her.Then the zombies start pulling up the car and Jenny is dragged out and eaten.

Katie screams as she is dragged out as well and begs someone to save her.Katie then stabs the zombie in the neck.Katie then fells pain as the zombies rip out her organs.

Katie is then sent back in time.She gets an message saying could you save more.Katie is at the security room with Harry,Laurie,Ana and Jenny.Not thinking,Katie kills Laurie and tells the other she was bitten.The fetus then comes out and Ann shoots it.Then the zombies smash in and they all run out to eh exit.

Back at the car,Jenny says she respects Katie.The zombies overpoewer them again and it is Harry and Jenny are pulled out.Ann is pulled out but shoots the zombies.Katie is then pulled out and is nearly eaten.Ann saves her and they drive off while zombie Jenny and Harry and the others chase them.

The car crashes and Harry gets Ann.Katie backs away but is eaten by Jenny.Ann shoots Harry and shoots Jenny and lets Katie to eat her.

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