About The zombie

An disease,Starting in Japan,Spreads to America as the plane from Japan crashes into America and the Zombies consume America.Some survivors then head to an anbandoed house to stay for the night.However,The zombies over pwer them.Will anyone survive.


An woman named Vera is watching the tv and learns that an plane crashed into an airport and riots then occured.Her immature brother then says that they are zombies.However,Their mother,Carrie,Walks in and bites Mike,Vera's brother.Vera is attacked by Carrie and stabs Carrie in the heart.To her horror Carri is still alive.

Vera then runs outside after Mike wakes up and tried to attack her.Vera gets in her mother's car and the zombies gather outside the car tying to get in.Vera screams and drives off.However,She crashes the car into an tree and gets out.

She is then chased by an girl zombie just when an man with an shotgun shoots the girl.He reveals that he is called Frank.Frank then shouts to his sister Katie to come over there.Katie then does but is then bitten by the girl.Frank shoots the girl then shoots Katie who turns into an zombie.However,The girl and Katie are still alive as he does not shoot them in the head.

Vera and Frank then find an abandoed old house.When they get in,An man shoots at them and Frank reveales that they are survivors.The man is Garry and his wife Kelly and young couple Judy and Andrew.Andrew and Frank barricade the house while Vera sees Kelly's child Michelle.Kelly reveales only to her that she is bitten.

Garry then tells them that they can try and escape to the car as they got petrol.However,Three people will have to go out.Frank,Andrew and Vera all go out and Juy follows.However,Garry locks the door and attacks Kelly for trying to unlock it.More zombies gather.

Vera is attacked and Andrew saves her.However,Judy is attacked and eaten by an zombie and Andrew go's in shock,Letting himself getting eaten.Vera and Frank then head back to the house.However,When they try to burst through the locked door,Vera sees Katie and the little girl eating Judy.

Meanwhile,Kelly go's down to grap Michelle and get away from the house.However,She is an zombie and Kelly runs away shocked.Vera bursts in and an shootout occurs between Frank and Garry.Kelly tells what happened but is grabed by Michelle and is eaten in the leg.Garry starts crying when Frank shoots Michelle.

Garry then attacks Frank and Vera is chased by zombie Kelly.Frank is then shot in the head and Garry kills Kelly and says he is going to feed Vera to the zombies.Vera escapes from him and is attacked by more zombies.She shakes them off and runs to the car with the petrol.However,It is the wrong type of petorl and screams out loud.

However,She locks all the doors in the car and go's to sleep.She wakes up the next morning and finds hundreads of zombie's corpses.Vera then sees the army.They mistake her as an zombie and shoots her in the head as she had blood over her.It was revealed she was bitten anyway as Kelly bit her in the leg.Garry is then found dead as getting eaten by Carrie,Mike,The girl and an woman.It turns out that Kelly was only shot in the back and is seen eating her own arm.


It had good ratings.


It had four starts and is rated an 15.


There is an prequal to The zombie.It is The zombie 2 on the plane.It is about the survivors in the plane befour the crash.

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