About The zombie 2 on the plane

It is an prequal to The zombie.Befour the plane crash,The living insdie the plane stuggled to survive and fly the plane at the same time.


Sarah is an waitress in the triangle plane.She is noticed in the first class that an man is very sick.She says if something is wrong and he says nothing.However,He seems to have an heart attack.But then he wakes up and eats his wife Jenny.Sarah screams as he then grabs onto an woman and eats her.

Sarah runs to warn the pilots about this.However,She runs in and is attacked by them as they are zombies.Sarah escapes in time and runs to the basement of the plane.She grabs an man and two woman along way.They then find an man and his wife hideing there.They are Ian,Brian,Lucy,Mary, and Laurie.

However,When Brian and Lucy are having sex,An zombie sneaks in and bites Brian who tries to eat Lucy who stabs him in the chest.Laurie escapes up the upper floor just to get attacked and getting eaten by the man and Jenny.Sarah,Ian,Lucy and Mary run to the first class.They kill the zombies there and barricade the department.

Mary finds an little girl hideing in an cuboard.Her name is Anna.Anna says her father tested an burger on the man who first came an zombie.Her father died during the small outbreak.She then reveales that Japan is getting attacked by the zombies.

Sarah and Ian then reveal that Anna is bitten and one of them has to kill her.However,Anna turns into an zombie and bites Lucy in the leg.Anna then attacks Mary and Mary falls into the barricade and the zombies burst in.

Ian grabs onto Sarah and they run into the pilot room.Ian says that are going to crash right into airport.Sarah says no as that America will get infected.However,It is revealed that Ian is an serial killer who likes killing people.He tries to rape and kill Sarah but Sarah stabs him in the neck with an pen.

Sarah then cries as the plane crashes into the airport,Causing the events of The zombie.However,Sarah is still alive and crawls out of the plane.Sarah then is attacked and eaten by an zombie female

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