Harry Potter. Harry and Ginny's life after the war. Epilogue, What Epilogue.


Harry woke up and yawned. Today was the day when Ginny will give birth to their first child. She had gotten pregnant when she turned twenty-one, while he was twenty-two.

Everybody was delighted at the news. He remembered when he had told Ron and Hermione. Hermione had squealed in delight, and Ron was forced to give her money, as they had a bet.

He walked to his bathroom and brushed his teeth. He and Ginny decided to live in an muggle village, but keep in contact with the wizarding world.

Meanwhile, Ginny watched the television. She tried to get up, but couldn't. "Harry", she moaned. Harry didn't hear her. Ginny then felt something tickle down her leg.

She looked down and gasped. Her water had broke. "Harry", she screamed. Harry quickly ran down. "Wha-", he noticed the water.

"I will get the phone", he said. Ginny had planned to give birth to her child in an muggle hospital. She wanted a natural birth. Harry ran to the phone and phoned the doctor.

It was an couple of hours later and Ginny screamed in pain. It was snowing outside, and no ambulance had arrived. "Harry", she screamed.

"What", Harry asked. "Get, Mione", she moaned. Harry apparated and Ginny screamed in pain. Her husband had just left her alone.

"Harry wh-", Hermione was confused why Harry was there. "It's time", was all he said. Hermione held onto Harry's hand and they apparated.

Ron walked down the stairs. "Hermione, I heard a crack", he said. He was confused. "What the bloody hell", he said to no one.

Another couple of hours. Ginny was in the guest bedroom, giving birth. Hermione was the mid wife, and was telling her to breathe.

"Hermione, I can't do it", she cried. "Wait, one more push and you can do it", Hermione whispered. Ginny gave an push and Harry yelled in excitment.

"I can see a head", Harry started dancing. He was excited. Ginny looked up to him. "Yeah you would be excited, but I'm telling you, we are never fucking aga-", she screamed in pain before she could finish.

"One more push", Hermione shouted over the screams. Ginny pushed and the baby was born. "It's a girl", Hermione whispered as she checked the baby.

Harry was crying in happiness, while Ginny looked in awe at the baby. Hermione gave the baby to Harry, who cooed at her, and he handed the baby to Ginny.

"What is the name", Hermione asked. "Lily Ginny Potter", Ginny whispered. She looked at Harry. "It's perfect", Harry kissed his wife on the forehead.

Chapter 1 Lily's First Word

Ginny was tired. Exhausted. She had became a healer for more money ever since Lily was born. "No more babys", she made an vow to herself.

"She saw Lily playing with her teddy bear. All the Weasleys adored Lily. She was always center of attention, that is until Fluer became pregnant with twins.

Ginny turned on the television and relised Friends was on. Since living in a muggle world, Harry decided to put muggle stuff about, so everytime Arthur Weasley came, he was like an child in an candy store.

When the program finished, she heard something. "Momma". "Lily", Ginny whispered. "Momma". "You said your first word", Ginny squealed in excitement.

She heard Teddy Lupin come downstairs. "What happened", he mumbled. Not a morning person. "Lily said her first word", Ginny explained.

That night, Harry came home. "Why are you so excited", Harry asked. "Dadda", Lily pointed at Harry. "That's right", Ginny smiled.

Ginny told Harry and he was flabbergasted. "Two words, in one day".

Chapter 2 An Couple Of Years

It had been a couple of years since Lily's first words. They had moved when Ginny had become pregnant, and they moved into the refurbished burrow after Molly and Arthur had died.

Ginny had gave birth to baby twins. James Arthur Potter and Abigail Remus Potter. Fleur had gave birth to baby girl Janet Bill Weasley. The Weasley family was growing.

Hermione became pregnant and Ron and Hermione moved into the Burrow, as they were now lots of room for the two families. Hermione was away to her scan right now.

Charlie Weasley fell in love with Muggle-Born Sarah Jones. It was revealed that the two can never have children, so they are adopting instead.

Percy fell in love with Muggle Kim, and the two have four children. The eldest, Molly Ronald Weasley, the others Percy Kim Weasley, Ginerva Lily Weasley and Ryan Arthur Weasley, respectivly.

Fred married Luna Lovegood. Luna was expecting children with him, and she was ever so delighted when she found out she and Hermione were giving birth on the same day.

Ginny looked out the window and sighed. She saw Ron and Harry playing quittich. She patted her stomach. She would tell Harry on their anniversary, which was in an week, that she is pregnant.

Chapter 3 An Walk In The Park

Harry and Ginny, holding hands, were walking around in the local park. They were out on an picnic with Ron, Hermione and Lily.

The other lovebirds were cooing over Lily, and then arguing about the name of their child. Today was Ginny and Harry's anniversary. "Harry".

"Yes honey", he replied. "I'm pregnant", Ginny revealed. Harry looked shocked, and then he smiled. "Another baby, oh yeah", he shook his fist upon the air.

Ginny giggled. Hary was this relaxed since the second wizarding war had ended. Harry and Ginny kissed, and Ron looked up. "Three Gallons she is pregnant".

"Shut up, Ron", Hermione warned. "Shut up, Ron", Lily repeated. "Oh no, don't say that to your Mum and Dad", Hermione warned, and Ron chuckled.

Harry and Ginny came back. "Guys. I've got news. I'm pregnant", Ginny revealed. "Three Gallons", Ron took out his hand to an shocked but delightful Hermione.

"Shut up, Ron", came the voice of Lily instead of Hermione. The four adults chuckled.

Chapter 4 Labour Is More Painful When Together

Heavily pregnant Hermione and Ginny struggled to walk to the lounge. "I swear to god those stupid husbands of ours better get back here", moaned Ginny. Hermione laughed.

"Ronald would come running if we were carrying food in our uterus", she said and Ginny laughed.. "Who gets to lie on the couch", asked Ginny.

"Me, because I was one of the war hero's", Hermione remarked. "Oh well, I was in the chamber of secrets", Ginny remarked back. Soon, it became an quarrel over who did what and who did not.

Just then, their heard a splash. Both woman looked down. It was both their waters. They looked at each other. "Oh no", they said in unison.

It had taken an hour until Harry came. He dropped his wand in shock when he realized his best friend and his wife were giving birth at the same time.

It was eight hours and Hermione gave birth to baby Ron Harry Weasley. It was almost midnight. "I want to hold this in an big longer", Ginny moaned to Harry.

"Why", he asked. "Because then the baby here won't share birthdays to baby Ron Jr.", Ginny screamed. Hermione gave baby Ron Jr. to Ron and rushed over.

Baby James Hermione Potter was born in one minute after midnight.

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