This Time is an friends fanfiction.Emma gets Joey's old apartment and finds out her neighbors are Erica and Kelly.When Jack moves in with Emma,She finds out that Ben and his girlfriend Stacey are living near them.Will they all hang out like their parents did.

The One With The Stain

"Mom,Where is my suitcase",Emma yelled as she was looking all over the place."Here",Rachel came in with the suitcase."I can't believe my daughter is moving away",Rachel cried as she hugged Emma."Say bye for the twins and Jane will you",Emma smiled at her mom."Okay",Rachel fought the tears from her eyes.Rachel and Ross had twins Noel and Laurie and just had baby Jane.

"Bye",Emma waved at her mom as Ross drove her off to Joey's old apartment.Joey was now an big acter starring in such movies as "My Giant 2" and "World War Four"."Here we are",Ross smiled at his daughter."Do you want to come in",Emma asked him."Okay",The two hugged each other.

"ERICA",They all heard an big shout coming from across the hall."That sounds like-",But Ross was cut off by another scream.Emma slowly walked to the apartment and knocked the door."What do you want",The blonde snapped at Emma.'I'm Emma Geller Green",Emma tried to smile but her cousin could not hear."Shut up",Erica snapped at the brown haired,Kelly.Kelly was the daughter of Monica and Chandler.Even though there was no chance of getting pregnant,Monica managed to.

"Who",Erica asked,But she saw Ross and put her covered her mouth in shock."Oh my god",Erica hugged Emma and Ross at the same time."I've not saw you since florida",Emma smiled at the thought.Erica and her got locked in the hotel room,And Rachel refused to go to the toilet at all.

More to be continued.

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