Thomas the Tank Engine fanfiction.


  • #41 Evan the Private Engine - A privately-owned engine used for transporting honey and workers is preserved.
  • #42 Edward's Branch Line - Edward, BoCo, Bill and Ben have a few adventures on their branch line.
  • #43 Express Engines - The sparks fly between Gordon and a new Express Engine called Sodor Castle.
  • #44 Brad the American Engine - A new American engine called Brad arrives on Thomas' branch line.
  • #45 Sodor Castle the Western Engine - Sodor Castle has a few adventures on the main line.
  • #46 Diesel Engines - Daisy, BoCo, and a new quarry diesel named Lucky all have adventures on their respective lines.
  • #47 Small Railway Surprises - The Arlesdale Railway returns with more (mis)adventures.
  • #48 The Further Adventures of Stepney - Stepney and his friends from the Bluebell Railway are thrust into the spotlight for the first time.
  1. #49 Gators friends- we see what gators island looks like and his friends like francise and boxer the orangish sandy colored diesel and the dark blue and black diesel.
  #50 Lucky's great find- Lucky and the other diesels find a very old steam engine named Weasly the blue red and golden engine. But they have to hide him from all the steam engines including the new very kind cant keep a secret Maybelle the pink diesel


  1. Lucky the light green diesel

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