Throes of Pestilence is an American metal band from Oakland, California, formed in 1999. Throes of Pestilence consists of main vocalist Tyler Johnson, guitarists Paul Haige and Derrick Johnson, bassist John "Hammer" Cranston, and drummer Frank Mortez. The band are considered to be a member of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal.

Since its formation, Throes of Pestilence have released four albums, one live album, and two live DVDs. The band have found popularity in their home of the USA and have supported similar acts Lamb of God and DevilDriver on many occasions; along with their devoted fanbase in Germany. The band's fifth album, Arisen was released on August 15th 2010, and is the first to feature new drummer Frank Mortez since Dan Kiehl's departure in 2009.


Formation (1998-1999)

In 1993, New York born Tyler Johnson and his older brother Derrick moved into a house in Oakland and began careers in construction, at their father's urging. They had played together in New York under the band Mark of Blood but had to depart the band due to their decision to move. Meanwhile Paul Haige and John Cranston performed in Oakland band Carrion Shield from 1995 onwards, playing a predominately stoner style of metal. When Haige was fired by the band's singer Joel Kirby, John Cranston joined him in leaving as he felt he and Haige could easily form a new band. They recruited drummer Dan Kiehl and began to search for a vocalist and additional guitarist.

In 1999 they met the Johnson brothers at a God Appendium concert in Oakland, and they agreed to jam with the already prepare band. Tyler brought lyrics unsure if the others had already written, and as Paul Haige recalls; "they fit the music perfectly". The band recorded a demo in 2000, called "Demo of Chaos", but the band name was not yet decided as the band were still going through a stable line-up. The Johnson brothers had confirmed their staying in the band, and when the line-up was fully stable the band began to work on new material. They played a show in Oakland on May 15th 2001 supporting Transgress, personally selected by Vince DeSano who had heard good of them from his friends in Oakland. He had invited a representative from Candelbra Records to the show initially to see Transgress' new material, but the representative reportedly enjoyed the Oakland native's set also. When he approached them after the show, he asked if the band wanted to come to New York to meet with the Candelbra heads. The band agreed, and when the representative asked them the band name, they decided with Throes of Pestilence; a name they had been tossing around for a while.

Band members

Current members
  • Tyler Johnson - vocals (1999-present)
  • Derrick Johnson - guitar (1999-present)
  • Paul Haige - guitar (1999-present)
  • John "Hammer" Cranston - bass (1999-present)
  • Frank Mortez - drums (2009-present)
Former members
  • Dan Kiehl - drums (1999-2009)



  • Demo of Chaos (2000)

Studio albums

Live albums

  • "Pestilence In Pennsylvania" (2009)

Live DVDs

  • "In The Throes of Pestilence: Live At Sounds of Death and Destruction 2007" (2007)
  • "Pestilence In Pennsylvania" (2009)

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